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Fairground 3-pin Pixel Power Injection Cable

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The Pixel 3-pin Power Injection Cable is used with our pixel fairground lights for injecting power at various points along the string of lights.

Where the pixel LED string is over 30 lights, an injection of power from the same PSU needs to be added to stop the LEDs from freezing. Simply fit this cable between the 30th and 31st light, and attach power (from the existing power supply) to the bare wires on the same cable. This will make sure the data lead isn't disrupted and allow the animated lights to run without issue.

Choose 11mm for:

  • 60mm and 46mm Pixel Cabochons
  • These are available in 200mm, 500mm and 1000mm lengths.

Choose 9mm for:

  • 42mm Dome Pixel Cabochons
  • These are available in 500mm lengths only.


  • Single cable with Male & Female 3pin connectors to either end and an additional 3rd cable with bare wires for connecting to the existing power supply.