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Fairground Marquee Kits - E14

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£65.00 - £70.00
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Suitable Applications:

Use this kit specifically for Marquee Wedding Letters, with convenient plug n play connectors.

  • Style/Size: E14
  • Voltage: 24v
  • Wattage: 1.2w p/light
  • Lumens:
Colour: Clear

Our Marquee kits are very similar to the standard Fairground light Kits, except we've swapped out the power supply and cables for 'Plug'n'play' alternatives.

Choose your kit size, pick your colours and away you go! If you want to mix up the colours, select 'Mixed' in the drop down menu and write in the colours and amounts you want in the notes section, easy!

Perfect for use inside and outside

Looking to make Carnival style signs? If so, check out the E14 Fairground Light Kits specifically for that purpose.

All our kits can be tailored to your requirements. Get in touch for details

Everything you need.

  • Cabochon Cap & Base
  • LED Bulb
  • Lampholder
  • 1.5mm Tri-rated Wire
  • Wago fixings
  • Plug Style LED Driver
  • Wire adaptors

To see how many of each component are included in each kit download our Fairground Light Kit Components List

  • Cabochon Colours: 15 available
  • LED Colours: Pure White 8000k & Warm White 3000k
  • Material: Methachrylate
  • Max thickness of material for the lampholder to push through is 10mm.
  • Apx 25mm clearance required on the backside of the material for the wiring and lampholder nut if they are being fit inside a trough letter for example.
  • Each lampholder is rated up to 240v but is stamped with 24v for the kits purposes.