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E14 Marquee Kits

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  • Our high quality E14 (60mm dia) Marquee lighting kits come with everything you need to get your project 'lit up!'. Designed for use with Marquee letters, we supply you with a plug style PSU and wire adaptors to be able to connect your letters together super easy and super neat.

    Choose your kit size, pick your colours and away you go! If you want to mix up the colours, select 'Mixed' in the drop down menu and write in the colours and amounts you want in the notes section, easy!

    Perfect for use inside and outside (see 'Using Outside?' tab) 

    All our kits can be tailored to your requirements. Get in touch for details

  • Key for the table below:
    A - The number of E14 Complete Units (CU) in the kit. Each "CU" comprises a cabochon cap & base, a lampholder and a 24v, .85w-1.2w LED bulb - current batches: 0.95w and 1w 

    B - The total length, in metres, of 1.5mm LSZH cable in Red & Black
    ie: 20m = 10m Red & 10m Black. For extra cable, Click Here
    C - The size of plug in style power supply supplied with the kit. 1 per kit.
    D - The number of wire adaptors each with a pair of 3 port Wagos
    ADD - This is the max number of "CU's" that can be added on to that kit and still work efficiently with the power supply specified.

    A B C D ADD
    10x 6m = 3m/e 24w 24v  1 11
    15x 10m = 5m/e 24w 24v  2 6
    20x 10m = 5m/e 24w 24v  2 1
    30x 15m = 7.5m/e 36w 24v  3 1
    40x 20m = 10m/e 65w 24v 4 21
    50x 25m = 12.5m/e 65w 24v 5 11

    The quantity of LED bulbs are based on 1.1w in the table above, unless stated otherwise.
    Please ensure you have enough LEDs to complete your whole project. Although we endeavour to never mix batches on the same order,  LEDs bought at different times cannot be guaranteed to light up the same.
    We reserve the right to exchange the PPSU for a more appropriate size at any time depending on the wattage of the LEDs

  • Using Outside?
    The cabochons are fine for use outside, but precautions have to be made for the back side of the lampholder. If you are using these outside, and can't cover the backs to protect from rain, we would suggest adding a blob of silicone to the lampholder spikes before laying the cable in. This is all it needs to create a waterproof seal. 
    Any power supplies, dimmers and wago fixings used aren't weatherproof and need to be protected sufficiently, using an enclosure or placing them inside or under cover.

  • Size: E14 Cabochons are 60mm down to 40mm dia x 63mm high
    Power: 0.85-1.2w per led bulb
    Voltage: 24v
    Cabochon Colours: 15 available
    LED Colours: Pure White 6500k & Warm White 3000k
    Material: Methachrylate

    - Max thickness of material for the lampholder to push through is 10mm.
    - Apx 25mm clearance required on the backside of the material for the wiring and lampholder nut if they are being fit inside a trough letter for example.
    - Each lampholder is rated up to 240v but is stamped with 24v for the kits purposes.

    - Fitting: Drill a 19mm hole in your panel or letter face, push the lamp holder fitting through the back of the hole and screw the E14 Base to the front on the thread of the spike fitting. Easy. The LED or incandescent bulb can be screwed in through the centre of the base and then the cap as screwed over the top. This isn't only a very simple method for the initial fix, it is also perfect for the maintenance of the sign as you only need to be able to get to the face.

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