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E14 G45 Golfball LEDs - 3 Colours

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Colour: Ice White
  • Description
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  • E14 45mm dia G45 Golfball LED light available in 3 dazzling colours.
    They are all opal white when not lit.
    These are ideal for that Thirties Hollywood Razzamatazz feel

    Colours: Ice White (10000K), Red and Blue

    Lumen: 7lms

    For complete illumination, as well as this Golfball, you will need the following items:
    1. E14 Lampholder and Nut
    2. E14 Face Nut
    3. 24v Power Supply Unit (PSU).

  • Size: 45mm diameter
    Wattage: 1w
    Voltage: 24v

    They are designed to be used outside, with suitable fittings to protect from the water. Plus they are low voltage which carries very little safety issues
    when wired in correctly.
    Please ask a qualified electrician if you are in any doubt.

    Our branded Osram 45mm dia E14 Golfball Bulbs are extremely popular for all sorts of signage and displays. With a huge saving on running costs and a massive lifespan of upto 30000hrs, these are the perfect and cheaper alternative to incandescent bulbs.

    Drill a 19mm hole in your panel or letter face, push the lamp holder fitting through the back of the hole and screw the E14 Face Nut to the front thread. This will hold the lampholder in place. Easy. The Golfball bulb is to be screwed in to the internal thread on the face and then they are ready for wiring. Job Done! This isn't only a very simple method for the initial fix, it is also perfect for the maintenance of the sign as you only need to be able to get to the face.