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0.2mm 3A Clear Twin LED Cable - 2m - Female DC socket

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Suitable Applications:

Power cable to be soldered on to neon flex for connecting back to the power supply.

  • Amps: 3A
  • Cable Size: 0.2mm
  • Description
  • Technical
  • 2m of Gold and Silver Stranded Equipment Wire, 0.2mm² Wire Size
    Coated in clear PVC, with a 2.1mm DC socket attached to one end, and stripped wires at the other. 
    Designed to be used on LED applications where the power supply uses a 2.1mm DC plug for a plug and play electrical connection.
    Solder or connect the bare wires to your sign, and then plug in the DC connector directly to the low voltage power supply.

  • Size - 0.2mm² x 2core
    OD - 1.2mm x 2.4mm
    Colour - Clear
    Amp - 3A

    Clear PVC Insulation Sheath
    2 wires in figure of eight insulation.
    Will fit all UB2A_WLL, UR2_WLL, UY2_WLL and Wago connectors