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Rotary Dimmer with DC cables

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  • This little unit packs a big punch with a massive 30A capability.
    From 100% full brightness down to 20% without flickering
    It's to be placed between the 12v/24v supply of the PSU and the LED.
    Simply turn the dial to adjust the brightness to your personal needs.

    3cables are prewired in to the dimmer
     - 1no Input with 4A female 2.1DC socket
     - 2no Outputs cables with 4A male 2.1DC plug

    Due to the dimmer having open screw terminals, it would need to be placed in a waterproof enclosure if the dimmer needs to be situated outside. It doesn't need airflow.

  • Operating Voltage : 12v or 24v
    Temperature Range: -20 to 60C
    Dimensions: 83 x 64 x 24mm + fitting plates
    Output Current: Max 30A