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Mini M1 Dimmer with Remote 9A

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Our most popular dimmer, by far!
The remote has a handy storage case that can be wall mounted for convenience and a sleep mode to preserve battery life.
From 100% down to nil, the range of illumination will suit every mood.

The controller itself will need to be protected from the weather and can either be positioned inside the sign, a waterproof junction box or inside the building.

Will work with any of our 12v/24v single colour modules and strips.

  • M1 Dimmer
  • Remote
  • Wall Bracket
  • Input Voltage: 12-24vdc
  • Max Current Load: 3A x 3Channels MAX 9A
  • Max Output Power: 106w/216w (12v/24v)
  • Working Temp: -30C ~ 55C
  • Controller Size: 135*30*20mm
  • Remote Size: 104*60*9mm
  • Working Frequency: 433.92Mhz
  • Remote Working Voltage: DC3V (Battery CR2032)
  • Range: 40m