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Micro Dimmer/Flasher with Remote 6A

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This easy to operate ultra compact, micro dimmer has multiple options.
The Remote Control has 8 modes and 'one press' feature for 25%, 50% and 100% brightness.
It's to be placed between the PSU and the LEDs to control the LED functions.
By using convenient 2.1mm DC fixings at either end it couldn't be simpler.
The connectors can be cut off and used with bare wires if necessary.

This product isn't waterproof. It needs to be suitably protected from the weather and can either be positioned in a waterproof junction box or inside the building/house.

Will work with any of our 5v/12v/24v single colour modules and strips

  • Micro Dimmer/Flasher with remote.
  • Input Voltage: 5-24vdc
  • Max Current Load: 6A
  • Max Outpur Power: 30w/72w/144w (5/12v/24v)
  • Working Temp: -30C ~ 55C
  • Controller Size: 42*12*3mm + connectors
  • Working Frequency: 433.92Mhz
  • Range: 30m in open space