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G45 Complete Unit

Original price £5.25 - Original price £5.60
Original price
£5.25 - £5.60
Current price £5.25

Suitable Applications:

Use with the E14 components to create stunning fairground style lighting with our G45 bulbs.

  • Style/Size: E14 and G45
  • Voltage: 24v
  • Wattage: 0.5w p/light
  • Lumens: 7lm
Colour: Clear - Pure White

G45 Glass Golfball lights 43mm dia x 50mm high with an E14 thread.
They are designed to be used outside, with suitable fittings to protect from the water. Plus they are low voltage which carries very little safety issues when wired in correctly.
Please ask a qualified electrician if you are in any doubt.

Available in Clear Pure White, Opal Pure White, Blue, Red and Green.
Clear Warm White available on special order.

  • LED Bulb
  • Face Nut
  • Lampholder
  • Coloured Glass bulb: 5 Colours
  • Black or White fittings