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E10 Flat Cabochon Complete Unit


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  • These E10 Flat Complete Units are an easy and convenient way to add extra lighting to the kits.
    The Cabochon Kit Checklist tells you how many extras you can use without upgrading the PSU supplied in the kit.
    Just select the colours from the drop down list and we'll send you all you need to get going.

    With 13 UFO cap colours & 2 LED colours to choose from you can create 1000's of combinations. If you want to mix & match, select 'mixed' from the drop down list and write the colours and quantities in the notes section on checkout.

    Download our guides:
    Cabochon Kit Checklist
    This one let's you know exactly what you will get in your kit and how many extra lights you can run off the same power supply.
    Cabochon Fitting Guide
    This one gives you guidance on how to fit the fairground lights.
    Marquee Letters
    This one explains how the double adapters connect your marquee letters together.

    We can tailor make kits to your requirements. Get in touch for details -info@weloveleds.co.uk

  • Each Complete Unit includes:
    E10 Flat Cabochon
    E10 Lens
    Lampholder and nut
    24v LED

    Please Note: 
    Whilst we endeavor to never mix batches on the same order, LEDs bought at different times, may burn at different colours. 

  • - E10 Flat Cabochons are 47mm dia x 21mm high
    -Max thickness of material for the lampholder to push through is 10mm.
    - Apx 25mm clearance required on the backside of the material for the wiring and  lampholder nut
    - LED bulbs - 0.85w 24v
    - Each lampholder is rated upto 240v but is stamped with 24v for the kits purposes.

    Our E10 Flat Fairground lights fit flush to the panel and create a striking attractive Diamond like effect, to the face whilst being very low profile units.
    The base is white  plastic.The caps are made of multicoloured transparent methachrylate. They come in 2 parts: the lens cap and the flat base with internal thread for an E10 socket.

    Fitting - Drill a 15mm hole in your panel or letter face, push the lamp holder fitting through the back of the hole and screw the E10 Flat Base to the front on the thread of the spike fitting. Easy. The LED is then screwed in through the centre of the base and then the cap is screwed over the top. This isn't only a very simple method for the initial fix, it is also perfect for the maintenance of the sign as you only need to be able to get to the face.

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