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A Guide to LED Strip Colour Options: Pure & Warm White

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LED strips are an excellent lighting solution that come in a range of sizes and specifications to suit your home or business needs. A key design consideration before installing any type of lighting is the colour, and LED strips are available in a variety of hues including RGB as well as single colours.

This guide will look at two popular shades of LED strip lighting: pure and warm white. We discuss the benefits and typical uses of these particular colours in LED strips and highlight some of the best pure and warm white products in our range. We also answer some frequently asked questions you may have about LED light strips.

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Pure white

LED lighting strips come in varying types of light, but a popular choice is pure white. Strips of light are measured using the Kelvin scale of measurement, with pure white usually measuring at 5000- 6500k. This provides a bright, clean sort of white light.

Commonly used in commercial spaces, it is a brighter light source than warm white and works particularly well in hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces such as shopping centres. It emits a crisp, clean illumination, which provides a more modern and minimalist effect than other types of lighting.

Also known as “bright white” or “cool white”, this shade is useful for office spaces as it is visually stimulating and less likely than warmer shades to cause a flag in energy. It can also work extremely well in more industrial spaces such as warehouses or large business premises like showrooms which welcome a lot of visiting clients and need to highlight products very clearly.

LED strip lights are the best choice for these kind of large spaces which require constant illumination as they are extremely energy-efficient. In 2014, the UK government UK Government changed approximately 1,300 light fittings in office spaces in Whitehall and found that, on average, using LED lights reduced electricity use by 30%.

With a pure white LED strip light, bear in mind that the lower the Kelvin measurement, the warmer the lighting will appear, so your choice will depend on the mood and look you want to achieve in your space. For example, you may desire a bright pure white in an art gallery, while preferring a very cool white for a shop.

Warm white

Warm white LED strips have a lower Kelvin measurement of 2700-3200k, which means that they are not as bright as pure white strips. This means that they give off a slightly yellow light, which gives off a cosy effect more suited to a combination of commercial and domestic spaces.

Warm white LED strip lighting is perfect for a variety of uses in the home, from comfortable lounges or bedrooms to relaxing dining spaces. Compared to the bright light of pure white which promotes alertness and energy, a warm white LED lighting strip has a more relaxing influence, making it ideal for use in spas or hotels to create a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere.

If you run a business that encourages visitors to sit and enjoy themselves such as a café or bookshop, then you can easily create a warm and welcoming environment using the right lighting. Again, the lower your light is on the Kelvin scale, the warmer it will appear. So you may want to opt for an LED strip with a higher K number for installation in your hospitality business, for example, but a strip with a lower number for your living room at home.

Warm white LEDs are a popular choice to replace traditional lights such as incandescent bulbs. They are our recommended shade for creating a comforting and relaxing ambience.

Products in the WeLoveLEDs range

If you are looking to add some pure or warm white LED light strips to your home or commercial space, WeLoveLEDs has a fantastic range of options to suit your design and technical requirements. Each product comes with a 12-month warranty and has an IP20 rating, so are suitable for indoor use only.

The ,Tuneable 60 LED Strip 12v is available from warm white 2800k to pure white 6500k. It is ideal for subtle applications which require light from one strip.

At only 4mm wide and 1.2mm high, the ,UltraSlim 180 LED Strip 24v in pure white 6500k is fit for use in the slimmest of profiles, such as cabinet lighting or slim signage. You can also get the UltraSlim in a ,168 LED Strip 24v which is also dimmable and great for accent lighting where space may be at a premium.

The Eco 60 LED Strip 12v is available in your choice of pure white 6500k or warm white 2700k. It is a great dimmable lighting solution for the home or office which designed for economy with a long lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

The lighting you choose can really impact the kind of atmosphere you create for your space, so we hope that you find the perfect LED light strip to create the look and feel you want to achieve in your home or business.

Frequently asked questions

Where should LED strips be placed in a room?

LED strips can be used almost anywhere in a room, and is particularly useful for accent or task lighting. However, you must bear in mind the IP rating, as this will define whether the light can be used in spaces where moisture is common such as kitchens or bathrooms.

How bright are LED bulbs?

The brightness of LED bulbs will depend on your choice of bulb and where you wish to use it. The standard brightness level of LED bulbs used around the home is 5 to 15 watts, which will give off 300-500 lumens.

How long do LED strip lights last?

LED strip lights will on average have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours, which is roughly 17 years; much longer than a traditional bulb.

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