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Can LED Neon Flex lighting be used outdoors?

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LED Neon Flex lighting can be used in a diverse range of applications, including outdoors where it can provide a major boost for your next event or project.

It's ideal for commercial business use and is popular with event organisers, wedding planners, production companies and specialist sign companies. It's also an effective light source for many home lighting applications.

Whether you're planning to refurbish your shop front, improve signage, add low voltage lighting for your garden or outdoor event, LED Neon Flex lighting fits the bill. It's the perfect option for so many applications because—as the name suggests—it's incredibly flexible.

In this guide:

Benefits of LED Neon Flex lighting

The light strip can fit perfectly around curved surfaces, closely following the contour with the use of mounting clips at strategic points. This provides accent lighting wherever you require it, and the variety of colours available provides further opportunities to exercise creativity.

LED Neon Flex lighting can also be cut to desired lengths. The reel length is a maximum of 50 metres, so whether you need one metre or 50, the choice is yours.

The open ends of the LED strip are properly sealed with silicone and an end cap when cut from the roll to protect the unit from the elements. End caps can be bought separately, so you can get the exact number required for any project for further flexibility.

No matter how big or small your display, using white LED Neon Flex lighting will make it glow. The power of modern LEDs produces brighter colours than traditional gas neon lights, while also providing plenty of design options.

Please check the datasheets for the profile you wish to use as power injections may be necessary to avoid voltage drop which will make the lights dim the further they are from the power source.

What are the colour choices for LED Neon Flex lighting?

LED Neon Flex comes in a variety of colour options as standard, including warm white which emits a yellowish-white hue of light that’s gentle on the eyes and creates a cosy atmosphere. This is the perfect strip light for crafting a tranquil garden feature.

Bright white features bluer tones for a more striking colour temperature that grabs the attention instantly. Choosing between warm or cool tones largely depends on your project needs. Other hues include blue, red and green, or custom colours available through special order. Colour changing RGB and dynamic/animation pixel are also available.

Being able to choose the brightness of a bulb, or even the ability to create a daylight effect outdoors after dark, is a massive boost for customers. It lends itself to a variety of applications and has revolutionised the lighting industry in terms of customer choice.

LED lighting for general domestic use typically has a light output of between 5W and 15W, emitting between 300 and 500 lumens.

Choosing LED Neon Flex for outdoor lighting

There are a number of factors to consider when planning LED Neon Flex for outdoor lighting. A key consideration is making sure the connection is secure and waterproof during installation.

An IP rating refers to an electrical product's Ingress Protection Rating. This defines the effectiveness of sealing the product against moisture and foreign bodies such as dirt. The IP rating of LED lighting determines where it can be used.

An IP66 rating means the enclosure is ‘dust tight’ and will be protected against damage from powerful jets of water and heavy seas. Enclosures with an IP67 rating are ‘dust tight’ and are protected against immersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 150mm to 1,000mm—although it is not recommended to submerge any of the LED Neon Flex.

It is important to establish whether your LED Neon Flex has a suitable IP rating for outdoor use and use the appropriate connection methods. If not, exposing the actual enclosed LED strip connections to moisture will cause a lot of problems.

There are various types of LED Neon Flex lighting available that can be used indoors and outdoors:

H3: Contour Neon Flex

Our 24V 14 x 25 Contour Neon Flex light is a tough, durable, waterproof, PVC alternative to traditional glass neon lighting. It's ideal for making a bold statement as it can contour a room or even a whole building. Use it to outline shapes, lettering or logos.

With an IP65 rating, it's suitable for outdoor or indoor applications. It's available in pure and warm white, blue, red and green.

contour led

Slim LED Neon Flex 24v - sold by the metre

Our 11 x 18 Slim LED Neon Flex 24V lighting is sold by the metre and comes in a selection of colours, including pure white, warm white, red, green, blue and pink. It has an IP66 rating and though not specifically designed for outdoor use, it can be used in gardens and similar applications if the appropriate IP-rated fixings are used.

Made from silicone, this robust and flexible lighting features a small, profiled contour that is perfect for producing faux neon signs. It can be easily installed to a wall using fitting clips and can also be placed in CNC grooved panels. This provides the optimum logo and shape accuracy.

Slim LED Neon Flex 24v

Round 360 LED Neon Flex

Our 13mm Round 360 LED Neon Flex 24V lighting is available by the metre, so it can be cut to suit any project.

Available in pure white, red or blue, it has a rating of IP65 and can be used for internal and external lighting applications. Customised lengths and colours are available through special order.

Round 360 LED Neon Flex

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