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Different Types of LED Modules

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Light emitting diode (LED) modules are self-contained devices that contain a chain of LED emitters. They are the perfect lighting solution for a variety of applications, from channel letters and advertising to narrow profiles that are hard to reach with traditional bulbs, lamps or tubing. LED modules are a creative light source available in a variety of colours, brightness levels and beam angles; the only choice you really need to make is what size of module would best suit your lighting project.

In this article, we introduce the three types of LED modules available from WeLoveLEDs: small, standard and large. These LED modules share many of the same benefits, but there are some key differences and things you should keep in mind before buying. We’ve also highlighted where you can go for more detailed information and advice.

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Small LED modules

Owing to their size, small LED modules make perfect light fixtures in narrow profiles and applications where space is limited. They are particularly effective in channel or shallow built-up letters for signage and display units. Small LED modules are also ideal for creating an atmosphere for celebrations or events, such as parties, weddings or romantic evenings in with your partner.

Compared with fluorescent lighting, small LED modules are far more efficient and have no issues with flickering or heat. They are incredibly safe and versatile, and are designed with economy in mind, with some such as the SGNANO LED Module boasting an IP67 rating for internal and external use and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. However, this module is only available in pure or warm white, so if you would like something more colourful, try the ROCK RGBW LED Module.

For more information about the benefits of small LED modules and some of the best in the WeLoveLEDs range, head over to our expert guide.

Standard LED modules

Standard LED modules also guarantee exceptional longevity, as well as excellent durability, versatility and energy efficiency. They are available in a range of colours as standard, including RGB/RGBW, pure or warm white, red, blue, green and yellow. Standard LED modules are often used for halo illumination in built-up letters, backlighting or as a simple decorative luminaire.

Many of our standard LED modules are suitable for external use. The QU1 LED Module, for example, is available in six different colours and has an IP65 rating, meaning it is the perfect solution for outdoor applications where aesthetics and reliability are equally important. This product also comes with pre-applied VHB tape and an integrated heat sink, which reduces light degradation and colour deviation.

We cover the typical uses of standard LED modules and much more in ‘An Expert Guide to Standard LED Modules’.

Large LED modules

What distinguishes large LED modules as a different type of LED lighting system is that they are not only more powerful than small or standard modules, but they also have a greater return depth of at least 50mm. Return depth is the space between the LED emitters and the surface, and this impacts whether you can observe each LED chip instead of the continuous block of light you would hope for.

Large LED modules also provide more power at a lower cost than other types, and typically higher beam angles, meaning the light they emit has a wider reach. For a large-scale lighting application like an external shop front LED display, try the high-efficiency QU3 LED Module. This module has a 160° beam angle and an IP65 rating, and is available in a choice of six different colours.

Find out more about the large LED modules available from WeLoveLEDs, their benefits and typical uses in our expert guide.

If you have any questions or are in need of some advice when deciding on the right LED lighting solution for you, contact a member of our team today.