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What are the best types of LED lights for shops?

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As the energy crisis makes itself known across the UK, businesses are starting to feel the pinch just as much as homes are. Companies are having to increase the prices of their services and products in order to pay their own energy bills, which in turn affects their customers as well. Many businesses are looking for different ways to make ends meet, so they can keep their staff and customers happy. One way to lower energy bills is by switching to LED lights.

In this guide, we will explore the commercial lighting commonly used in retail stores, and why LED lights are the very best choice. We will also look at the best LED lights for shops, and the most practical places to install LED lights.

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What type of lighting is used in retail stores?

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Choosing LED lights from We Love LEDs

What type of lighting is used in retail stores?

There are four main types of shop lights that are commonly used in shops and retail businesses:





The type of lighting you have and the atmosphere you go for all depends on the type of store you own. Ambient lighting is the main type of lighting, and sets the mood. How bright the lights need to be all depends on the size of your store, the ceiling height, the amount of natural light and the type of store you own. Clothing stores, for instance, usually opt for brighter lights, with Hollister being an exception.

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas of a shop, such as displays and windows. This helps certain products stand out, especially if a store is eager to sell them. Decorative lighting is often used in signs and displays, and is usually most seen during Christmas or special holidays. Task lighting provides a function; for instance, it is often used in changing rooms, and other places where more light is required.

All of these purposes can be achieved easily using LED lights.

Where can I install my LED lights in my shop?

The most obvious place to install your LED shop lights is the ceiling. LED ceiling lights, modules and bulbs can provide a great amount of light, and won't use as much energy as traditional bulbs. If you're looking to highlight some spaces in your store, LED flex lights and strip lighting can be perfect for showrooms. LEDs also make great, standout wall lights.

LED lights also work perfectly on counters, providing extra decoration and light when customers are buying their products. When customers walk past a shop, their attention must be grabbed at the earliest opportunity. Installing LED lighting in shop windows can do the trick, helping guide customers to a store's best-selling and most desired products.

If you would like to explore our vast collection of LED lights, perfect for retail stores, you can visit us here.

What LED lights are best for my shop?

There are various examples of LED lights that are perfect for all kinds of retail shops. LED modules are a popular choice for providing a large amount of light, so you will usually find larger LED modules on the ceiling. Smaller LED modules can be fitted into narrow profiles to provide light in different spaces.

LED strip lighting is great for all sorts of purposes, from placing inside signs to task lighting in smaller areas. Strip lights can be placed on counters and inside glass display boxes to highlight various products available. LED flex lighting is also a great choice for displays, as it can be bent into shape easily and installed virtually anywhere. Fairground lights can also be great for shops, particularly novelty or clothing stores, and can be a great addition to displays.

LED modules, strip and flex lighting come in a range of different colours, and you can even opt for a colour-changing effect or dimmer to really enhance your lighting and adjust the brightness.

If you would like to discuss the different options for your store, you can get in touch with us today.

Are LED lights worth it?

There are many benefits to installing LED lights in your shop; most importantly, their cost-effective properties are crucial in this day and age. LED lights are well-known for being the best lights for the environment, as they are known to be energy saving. Therefore, they can save you money on your bills, which can be a great asset to businesses across the country. LEDs also have a longer lifespan, giving you better value for money.

An LED bulb is much safer than traditional lighting such as incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs, as they don't burn as brightly, and they produce significantly less heat. LED lights, especially strip and flex lighting, are also flexible, and can be placed almost anywhere. They can be cut and bent into shape without damage, providing you with more choice of places to install them. LED lights also come with effect options, so you can opt for colour-changing lights or dimmers if you wish.

Can I place LED lights outside my shop?

As long as they are protected and well-maintained, certain LED's can function well outside. However, you must always discuss any waterproof needs with an expert to ensure that your lights will work outdoors. As long as they are not submerged in large amounts of water, water resistant LED strip lights are perfect for placing outside your windows or doors to provide welcoming light.

Here at We Love LEDs, we also provide waterproof connectors perfect for outside installation, helping every inch of your light fixture stay safe from damage.

Choosing LED lights from We Love LEDs

Our vast collection of LED lights here at We Love LEDs is perfect for any shop setting, from clothing and furniture stores to supermarkets. We can provide expert advice concerning the very best lights for your space, helping you distinguish between practical and decorative lighting.

To enquire further, or to see how we can assist you, please get in contact with us today.

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