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Choosing LED lights for cafes 

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There are various cafes out there that can benefit from LED lighting. Coffee shops, diners and even dog-friendly cafes are just some of small eateries you can visit for a quick bite. If you own a café, your main priorities will be customer experience and making profit, but you don't want to sacrifice one for the other. This is where LED lights can make all the difference.

In this guide, we will explain the best type of LED lighting that is suitable for a café, why lighting is so important and where you can place LED lights in café settings. We will also explain the different elements that you need to consider before choosing LED lights in your café, and why our options at We Love LEDs can help you achieve the perfect atmosphere.

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What type of lighting is suitable for a café?

There are various lighting options that people choose to install in their cafes. Halogen bulbs and traditional incandescent lights are often used in cafes, but they're not the best choice out there. Plenty of businesses across the country are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills, and LED lights could be a perfect choice. They're incredibly cost-effective and energy-efficient, wasting 75% less energy than their halogen and incandescent bulb counterparts.

They're a safer option for cafes too, as they don't burn as harshly, and they can last for around 50,000 hours, giving you better value for money. LED light fittings are flexible, with flex lighting and LED strip lighting presenting you with the opportunity to install around bends and in tight spaces. They can also be cut down to size too.

What are the best types of LED lights for a café?

There are various types of LED lights that work perfectly in a café setting, such as LED modules. These particular lights come in all different sizes, and are often used to illuminate signs. They can also be used as ceiling lights in cafes, used to illuminate an entire room without compromising cheaper energy bills. If you have any outdoor signs, you can also consider larger modules too.

LED flex lighting is a great choice for decoration and accent lighting, allowing you to illuminate certain parts of your café, such as the counter. Flex lighting can also be bent and cut into shape to create bright LED signs. Flex lighting also comes in different colours, and you have the option to add dimming effects, making them perfect for ambient lighting.

LED strip lighting is often used for task lighting and can fit into smaller places, making them perfect for small lights that can be placed over tables. Like flex lighting, it's a great choice for adding extra light to your space.

Why is lighting important in a café?

Cafés and restaurants that are poorly lit can affect how a customer feels about your establishment. Mood lighting can influence atmosphere as well as appetite, setting the tone perfectly in your space. If your café is too dark or too bright, it can be off-putting for customers and damaging for business.

How much artificial light you choose to incorporate into your café can also depend on the amount of natural light available too. A café with a great amount of natural light won't need too many LED lights during the day. Too much light can overpower a room, but the right amount can bring balance to your café's interiors, and can even complement your décor.

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Where can LED lights be placed in a café?

The most prominent place to install LED general lighting is in the ceiling, as they are the most important lights in your café. More than likely, your ceiling lights will need to be left on for extended periods of time, so LEDs are the best choice for safety and saving money. LED modules are a great option for ceiling lights. In a café, LED strip lights or flex lights can provide task lighting on your counters, making it easier to see menus and tasty treats on display.

You could also consider installing LED lighting around your seats and tables to illuminate the spaces. Strip lighting could work around large menu boards to make them easier to see, whilst also providing a decorative element. If you have the capacity, try installing lights around your windows and doors for extra effect.

Things to consider before choosing LED lights for a café

Before you choose your brand-new LED lights, there are a few factors that you will ned to consider, such as:

  • Size: the size of your café has a heavy influence over the size of your LED lights. If you're looking towards new ceiling lights, choosing the right sized module is crucial to ensure that you are getting enough light. Although flex and strip lighting can be cut down to size, it is better to measure out how much you need to avoid waste
  • Budget: your budget should be a big deciding factor in how many LED lights you opt for. LED strip lights, in particular, are not too expensive, but you should still have a good idea of how much you need to see if you have the budget for it
  • Tone and aesthetic: having a good idea of the tone you are looking to achieve can make it easier to decide which colour you want (from colour changing to warm white and cool white options), and if dimming effects could do the trick for you
  • Availability of light: as previously mentioned, how much natural light makes its way into your café can influence how many lights you need to buy. If you have plenty of windows, then you won't need as many lights, especially during the daytime and summer months.

LED lights from We Love LEDs

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