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The best LED lights for bars

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LED lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both homes and commercial businesses. As the cost of living crisis becomes even greater an issue for more homes, LED bulbs provide a cheaper alternative to incandescent options. LED lights could help you save 90 percent of energy, making them a great choice for cutting the cost of rising energy bills. So why should bars make the switch, and what should be considered before installing LED lights?

In this guide, we will explain the most common types of LED lights for bars, and which options would work best in your space. Also, we will explore the various benefits of LED's, how you can install them safely into your bar.

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What are most common LED lighting types for bars?

There are various interior lighting types that work well within bars, but which variation suits your space can depend on a range of important factors. The most common are:

Ambient lighting

The most commonly used form of lighting in commercial spaces, ambient lighting is easy on the eye as it doesn't cause any glare. It can illuminate most spaces, and mimics natural light to provide a cosy atmosphere. LED lights can create ambient light easily and are perfect for bars with a more chilled-out feeling.

Task lighting

Task lighting is often utilised as a work light for close-up areas for people to focus on tasks, such as on tables, and is not usually the only lighting in the room. Although task lighting isn't commonly found in bars, it's a great choice for more intimate areas, such as booths.

Accent lighting

This particular type of lighting is supposed to illuminate a particular object or place within a location. Within a bar, accent lighting could be the perfect choice for illuminating seated spaces and signs for the bar or the restroom.

Which LED lights would work well in my bar?

LED lights can not only save you money on your energy bills, but they can look good whilst doing so, and come in a range of different colours. LED modules, LED strip lights and LED flex lighting are all great options for light fixtures, signs and discreet accent lighting. LED modules are usually much larger than strip or flex lighting, but they can come in all kinds of sizes. They are often found in light fixtures and signs, and can light up larger spaces.

Strip lighting is much more flexible and can be cut to size. It's one of the smaller LED options, and can be shaped to fit into particular spaces. It is easy to maintain, and can be placed under the bar and around windows to provide a little bit of extra light.

Flex lighting is incredibly flexible, much like strip lighting, and is perfect for making signs and fitting into corners. It can be shaped to fit your space exactly, making it perfect for bar windows, booths and signs. Here at We Love LEDs, we provide neon flex kits complete with everything you need to craft the perfect sign, from wiring accessories to plugs.

What are the benefits of LED lights for bars?

As previously mentioned, LED lights are a great choice if you're looking to save some money on your energy bills. But LED lights are also great for creating the perfect atmosphere. No matter what ambience your bar is going for, LED lights can adapt to suit you perfectly. Cool and warm white options can create relaxed settings, perfect for cosier bars. They can come with optional dimmer effects for more romantic moods, or you can choose RGB colour changing options for more lively, upbeat nights.

They're incredibly cost-effective to run, and can stay bright for up to approximately 50,000 hours. They're a no-nonsense option, with easy-to-maintain properties and easy-to-hang components. To find out more about our strip and flex lighting options, you can visit us on our website.

Things to consider before choosing LED lights for your bar

Before choosing your preferred type of LED lights, there are a few aspects you will need to consider beforehand:

  • Size: the size of your bar or the place you wish to install your LED lights can affect the length of LED lights you will need. Although LED strip and flex lighting can be cut to size, it is better to get a rough estimate, so you don't end up with too much waste.
  • Colour: clashing colours within a bar can seem garish and hard to look at, so you need to choose carefully to make sure your existing décor and LED lights work well together.
  • Type of LED lights: choosing between modules, strip and LED flex lighting is easy once you know what each variation is used for. For instance, flex lighting can be shaped to suit your preferences, whereas strip lighting can be placed in discreet locations, such as under the bar.
  • Type of bar: if you own a romantic, quieter bar, bright, colour-changing lights probably won't work as well as warm or cool whites that can be dimmed to suit their surroundings. Make sure you choose carefully before you buy.
  • Location: you should aim to decide where you will place your LED lights before you buy, so that you can work out sizing and the type of LED lights you would like to incorporate.

How do you install LED lights in bars?

It is relatively easy to install LED lights, but you can always contact a professional if you are still unsure. An LED strip light can be cut wherever to fit easily in different locations, and all you will need is some electrical tape to secure the exposed end. They also have an adhesive backing, so can be stuck wherever you'd like. To find out more, you can read our previous guide here.

LED flex can also be cut and shaped, but you may need a protective acrylic backing, or you can pin it directly to the wall for a more retro finish. You can also use silicone sealant to improve the longevity of your lighting.You can find out more information about installing flex lighting in our previous guide here.

LED lights with We Love LEDs

Here at We Love LEDs, we can provide a wide range of LED lights, from strip and flex to fairground lighting for larger events and signs. If you're looking to save money on your energy bills without sacrificing good lighting and creating the perfect atmosphere, LED lights are the best choice for you.

To find out more,you can get in contact with us today.

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