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The best LED lighting options for offices 

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Light emitting diode (LED) lights are increasing in popularity in offices due to their energy saving properties and longevity. As energy prices soar, it has never been more important to monitor our bills and look for new ways to save money. The majority of businesses spend around 20,000 to 45,000 kWh of energy per year, so how can companies save money? LED lighting can help keep energy prices low.

In this guide, we will explore which LED lights are best for office lighting, where they can be placed and whether they are the very best choice for your workspace. We will also highlight the various elements you should consider before choosing your LED lights, and how our experts can assist you.

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Are LED lights good for the office?

LED lights are one of the best options for office lighting for numerous reasons. They can enhance the design of your office, presenting a more modern setting and comfortable environment for your staff. They can also last much longer than traditional, incandescent bulbs, giving you better value for money.

The most popular attribute that LED lights have is their energy efficiency and cost-effective properties. They're the best choice for saving money on energy bills, as an LED bulb requires less electricity to run than a halogen bulb. They produce less heat than their incandescent and halogen counterparts, making them the safer option if you need to leave them running for a longer period of time. LED office lighting is also pretty flexible; LED flex lighting and strip lighting can be bent and cut into shape, allowing them to be installed almost anywhere.

LED lights can help contribute to your office light without raising your energy bill too much, making them a great cost-cutting choice as well as an aesthetically pleasing one. To view our full collection of LED lights, from colour changing options to neutral cool and warm white, please visit us here.

What are the best LED lights for the office?

LED bulbs are easy to find and install, and are great for installing into a panel light or ceiling light. However, if you're looking for more decorative touches and improving ambience and task lighting, other LEDs can do the trick.

LED modules are great for creating vast amounts of light, so can easily be used as wall lights and they can even be installed into ceiling lights. You can choose between small and large modules in order to suit your preferences perfectly, providing you with even more flexibility. If you want to incorporate more ambient lighting, LED strip lighting can be stuck anywhere, especially under desks and monitors.

Flex lighting is also a great choice for decorative lighting, as it can be bent and shaped using a handy flex kit. Flex lighting is also easy to install, but you should ensure that it is near a power source to function.

Where can I place my LED lights in my office?

Before you equip your office with the latest LED lighting technology, you should consider where you are going to install your lighting fixture. No matter which location you choose, you should ensure that the lights are not too close to your staff's eyes when they are working, especially if they already work with computers. Like any lights, LEDs can cause an unfortunate glare which can damage eyes if you are not careful, so be mindful before you install your new lights.

The ceiling is the most obvious choice for LED lights; unless you have great access to natural light, your ceiling lights may be turned on all day. Therefore, choosing LED modules for your ceiling lights can help save energy and last for much longer than traditional bulbs. You can also opt to install flex or strip lighting under your windowsills for extra effect, bringing a relaxing ambience to your office environment.

You can even stylise your own sign with flex lighting, or create extra decoration that also provides light. Brighter lights have been known to improve productivity by allowing employees to stay focused and engaged. Therefore, by placing LED lights around your office, you can help your staff maintain their productivity. You can even choose effects such as dimmers to achieve the atmosphere you're looking for.

Things to consider before choosing LED lights for your office

Before you buy your new sets of LED lights, there are different elements to consider:

  • Glare: As previously mentioned, exposing your employees to LED lights that are close to their eyes can, in the long run, damage their eyesight. If your staff are constantly looking at screens, intense glare could affect them. Make sure you place your LED lights a reasonable distance away to avoid any issues.
  • Placement: Although you don't want to place the lights too close to your employee's eyes, you still need them to work efficiently and effectively. Consider where you will place your lights to get the maximum effect.
  • Size: Once you have decided where you will place your LED light fixtures, you should measure out the space so that you know exactly how much you will need. Flex lighting and strip lighting can be cut to size, but you don't want any excess waste. This way, you can make sure you have just enough to make an impact.
  • Dimmers: Will you need dimmers in your office space to set a relaxing tone? Dimming effects can be adjusted accordingly, so you can you ensure that your space is up to yours and your staff's expectations
  • Budget: setting yourself a reasonable budget can help you understand how many LED lights you want and where you should place them. You don't want to be caught out, so make sure you know exactly where you want your lights to go, and work from there, removing some locations if needs be.

LED lights from We Love LEDs

Here at We Love LEDs, we provide lighting solutions in the form of LED modules, strip and flex lighting to businesses and individuals across the country, helping them enhance their personal and professional spaces. We also provide colour-changing options for those looking for something a little more fun, and we can even advise on the very best choices for your preferences.

To find out more about our personal and commercial lighting options, you can get in touch with us today.

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