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Choosing the best LED lights for restaurants

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Getting the lighting right in a bar or restaurant is essential for setting the tone and creating a great atmosphere. Most romantic restaurants opt for low lighting with task lighting applied for eating, whereas more fun, family friendly places choose brighter lights. Whichever setting you're looking to achieve, LED lights are the perfect choice for creating a space you deserve.

In this guide, we will explain which lighting is best for restaurants, what types of LED lights can be used, and whether or not you can control your LED lights to suit your preferences. We will also highlight where LED lights can be placed in restaurants for the best effect, and elements to consider before choosing LED lighting.

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What type of lighting is best for restaurants?

In most restaurants, LED lighting is a popular choice due to the many benefits it can bring. LED lightbulbs are much more energy efficient than traditional halogen bulbs, as they burn around 75% less energy. This also makes them a safer option, as they don't get too hot too quickly. They're also a more cost-effective option, as they use less energy and won't eat away at your bills as much as other lighting options.

LED bulbs have great longevity, with most lights lasting for around 50,000 hours. They're also easy to maintain and, depending on the type of LED lights you go for, they are incredibly flexible. Flex lighting and LED strip lights can be cut to size, and are great for using in signs. They're also the perfect choice for colder weather, and are much better for the environment than other restaurant lighting options, such as halogen and incandescent bulbs.

What types of LED lights can be used in restaurants?

There are various LED lights that can be used in restaurants, including LED modules, flex lighting and strip lighting. LED modules are larger and can be used as ceiling lights and general lighting. They're also great for placing behind large signs to help them illuminate more brightly. If you're looking to replace your old ceiling lights with something new, LED modules are a great choice.

LED flex lighting is often used to make signs, as it can be cut and bent into shape easily. Flex lighting is also a decorative choice, and can be used as accent lighting around tables and chairs in restaurants to add to the atmosphere. Flex lighting can also be used as ambient lighting; it is available in different colours, including warm white and cool white, so restaurants can choose the best option for them.

Another popular option is LED strip lighting. This is the most delicate option and, like flex lighting, can be cut to size and moved easily to fit into smaller spaces and around bends. It can be used as ambient and accent lighting, but can also be utilised as task lighting, helping diners see whilst also providing a relaxing atmosphere.

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Can I control the LED lights in my restaurant?

If you want to alter your LED lights, whether that be to change colour or to change the dimming settings, our LEDs allow you to do just that. If your restaurant is more on the fun side, having colour-changing lights can bring the décor and atmosphere together. Our colour-changing RGBW controllers can come with a remote to help you set the tone no matter where you are in the restaurant.

Dimmers can be great if you want your restaurant to change from the daytime to the night. You may need task lighting and accent lighting for darker areas in your restaurant that natural light won't reach. These lights can be dimmed easily during the night-time, creating a romantic setting. You can view our range of LED dimmers here.

Where can LED lights be placed in my restaurant?

If you're looking to add LED lights for decorative purposes, there are plenty of locations where they can be placed to add extra flair and light to your restaurant. A popular choice is under the bar to help it stand out, becoming the centrepiece of the restaurant. You can also add flex LED lights and strip lighting under tables and booths to help guide the way if the restaurant has a darker atmosphere.

As long as they are protected and well-maintained, LED lights can also be installed on the floor. They have been known to create an illusion of space that opens up the room, and they complement the natural light by guiding the way to tables, the bar and other spaces. Larger modules are perfect for ceiling lights too, due to their safer, cheaper and more energy-efficient attributes. You can also shape flex lighting into your very own sign, giving your restaurant a unique edge.

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Things to consider before choosing LED lights for restaurants.

Before choosing your LED lights, you will need to think about:

  • Budget: consider how much you have to spend on LED lights, and how many you can afford to run. Although LED lights are the most cost-effective option, it is still smart to consider your bills
  • Size: the size of your restaurant influences how many lights you will need, so measure the space you wish to illuminate first. Although strip and flex lighting can be cut to size, it is better to have the right amount than lots of waste
  • Aesthetic: colour-changing LED lights and dimmers can be a great asset to have, but only if they fit with the tone of your restaurant. In most cases, simple cool white or warm white will do the trick
  • Availability of natural light: if you have plenty of windows in your restaurant, then your space won't need as much artificial light, especially in the summer months. Keep this in mind when adding LED lights to your space.

LED lights from We Love LEDs

Here at We Love LEDs, we have various LED modules, strip and flex lighting perfect for decorating your restaurant and adding extra light that provides a better effect than regular halogen light bulbs. All of our lights can be sized to suit your preferences, providing you with a setting you can be proud of.

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