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Different Types of LED Strip Lighting

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An LED light strip is a flexible circuit board populated with rows of individual LED emitters, designed for quick and simple installation, energy efficiency and versatility. These innovative light sources boast long lifespans, suitability for a variety of applications and increased luminosity in comparison with traditional fixtures such as halogen and incandescent bulbs.

If you need a high-power, low-energy solution for your next lighting project or event, there is sure to be an LED strip for you. In this guide, we introduce some of the different types of LED strips available from WeLoveLEDs, including SuperSlim, water-resistant and eco. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Classic LED strip lighting

Our range of classic LED strips are available in a variety of colour options as standard. These include static colours such as blue, green, red and pure or warm white, as well as RGB. Pure and warm white lights such as the Classic 120 24v LED strip are ideal for more discreet lighting applications and adding ambience to a room.

Like any LED strip light available from WeLoveLEDs, our classic strips are designed with longevity in mind and have lifespans of up to 30,000 hours. They have a pre-mounted adhesive backing and can be installed easily to a dry, clean, grease-free surface. These strips are suitable for indoor use only.

Read our guide for more information about classic LED strips.

SuperSlim LED strip lighting

SuperSlim LED strip lights are exactly as they sound—only a few millimetres wide and capable of illuminating hard to reach, narrow profiles such as bannisters and doorways. They can be cut to custom lengths so you can create a lighting display that is not restricted by size or surface dimension limitations.

The UltraSlim 168 and Ultra 180 have widths of only four millimetres and are perfect for accent lighting in the home and around the office. These lights have an IP20 rating and are not water-resistant, so should be used for internal applications on dry surfaces only.

If you’re looking for a versatile lighting solution for a slim profile, head to our Guide to SuperSlim LED Strip Lighting for some of the benefits and typical uses of our SuperSlim range of LED strips.

Colour changing LED strip Lighting

Our colour changing LED strips are available in RGB and RGBW varieties. An RGB strip contains red, green and blue light-emitting chips for a rainbow-effect blend of colour, whereas an RGBW strip has the same plus a fourth white LED chip for switching the colour temperature from decorative to standard.

The S-Type 48 RGB is flexible and can bend around corners, making it perfect for lighting moulded or built-up channel letters and flat logos. For more decorative applications, the Pixel 60 and Pixel 60 RIGID are designed for colour flexibility and vibrant displays.

Continue reading our guide to colour changing LED strips for some of the technical and practical considerations of using this type of lighting.

Water-resistant LED strip lighting

Water-resistant LED strips have all the benefits of other types of LED strip lighting, but are also impervious to water and have higher IP ratings. This means they can be installed in locations where other strips would be unsuitable, such as kitchens, bathrooms, gardens and other places where moisture is common.

However, while these lights have splash and/or water resistance which other LED strips do not, they should be used with appropriate fixings and weather protection and should never be fully submerged in water. The Water Resistant 60 LED Strip is available in pure or warm white, whereas the Water Resistant 60 RGB LED Strip is a more colourful alternative.

We discuss some of the key things to consider when using water-resistant LED strips in our expert guide.

Eco LED strip lighting

Compared to halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs, all LED lighting is eco-friendly. Unlike fluorescent tubing, LED strip lights are manufactured using non-toxic materials. However, our range of eco LED strips promise an even lower power consumption than standard LEDs and are guaranteed energy-savers.

Our Eco 60 Strip 12v strip is available in pure or warm white by the metre or a five-metre reel. It has a slim W8mm x H2.5mm profile and an IP20 rating for internal discreet lighting applications. It is also dimmable, allowing you to control the brightness to suit different moods or applications.

For more information about the Eco range of LED strips from WeLoveLEDs, check out our expert guide.

We have more technical information about our LED strips in our LED Strips Help section, which covers topics such as voltage drop, LED density and power supply. If you have questions about LED strip lighting or would like more advice about choosing the right type of LED strip for your next lighting project, get in touch with our team today.