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An Expert Guide to Small LED Modules

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LED modules are devices that emit a very bright level of illumination that defies their small size. They were first used for channel letters and for advertising signs but now the question is: where can they not be used?

The smallest LED modules suit a variety of applications, from outdoor landscapes and patios to narrow profiles that are hard to reach with other light sources. Energy-efficient and easy to use for every single project and event, small LED modules are quickly replacing alternative lighting like fluorescent bulbs and traditional neon.

This article will cover what LED modules are in more detail as well as the benefits and applications of small LED modules, and highlight some of the best small LED modules available from WeLoveLEDs. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

What is an LED module?

An LED module is a self-contained system containing a chain of LED emitters. The device can be used on its own or plugged into a compatible unit. In contrast to regular light bulbs that use electricity to heat a filament (thin wire) to make light, LEDs have no filaments. This means they are a great option for portable and fixed lighting as there is no filament to break and they are a lot more resistant to moving them around.

One of the main advantages of small LED modules is their ability to radiate a variety of high-quality colours. How? The technology in small LED modules uses an electrified semiconductor to emit light. With incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, you need filters to create all these wonderful colours and shades. So if your event has a rose gold theme, then lighting up decorations with a pink-coloured small LED module will add luxurious brightness to the table and space. Or, if you’d like to keep a more neutral look, then you can’t go wrong with pure or warm white.

Benefits and typical uses of small LED modules

Since they take up so little space, small LED light modules are perfect for both illuminated signage and outdoor display units. They have incredible durability and versatility, and their long life spans mean they provide excellent long-term efficiency.

Some of the many benefits of small LED modules include:

  • There are no flickering issues like you get with fluorescent lighting.
  • Small LED modules are around 30% more efficient than fluorescent lighting. The filament in fluorescent lighting weakens over time, which makes the bulb weaken as well. This isn’t the case with small LED lights.
  • You can control the direction you want the light with small LED modules.
  • LED lights emit very little heat making them a lot safer. Why? Small LED modules convert the energy to light instead of using heat to generate the light. For this reason, they work well at a lower temperature than other light options.
  • Small LED modules are very slim so can fit in small profiles and spaces which alternative types of lighting simply cannot reach.
  • They provide tremendous decorative and functional flexibility.
  • They are incredibly reliable and can work in colder temperatures because they contain no fragile components like filaments.
  • Small LED modules are environmentally safe as they don’t contain mercury.

A few of the many ways you can use small LED modules include:

  • Halo lighting on flat cut lettering.
  • A small channel letter or shallow built-up letters.
  • Strip lighting in cupboards, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and other dimly lit places.
  • Night lights for date night, dessert tables, or get-togethers (whatever the celebration).
  • Accent lighting that highlights a certain area, perhaps around a wedding cake or the name of your business. Small LED modules can even highlight specific products on certain shelves that are more important.
  • Glass cases containing sentimental items.

Small LED modules in the WeLoveLEDs range

Name of product Available colours Voltage Beam angle Efficiency IP rating
SG1 LED Module
  • Pure&nbspWhite
  • Warm&nbspWhite
12v 120° 0.3W per module (at full power) 90Lm/w 65
  • Pure&nbspWhite
12v 120° 0.2W per module (at full power) 100Lm/w 67
  • Pure&nbspWhite
12v 120° 0.24W per module (at full power) 104Lm/w 20
  • RGBW
12v 160° 0.3W per module 150Lm/w 67

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose which LED module to use?

One of the simplest criteria for choosing which LED module to use is the application. If you’re looking for some LED lighting for lightboxes or large lettering, then large LED modules will work best for you. If your application requires slim modules but not a system as tiny as small LED modules, then standard LED modules will provide the consistency and reliability you need.

You should also consider whether your lighting solution will be installed internally or externally. While most of our LED modules are suitable for outdoor use, some, such as the SGMICRO Module, have an IP rating of 20 meaning they should be used for internal applications only.

What are large LED modules used for?

Large LED modules are a cost-effective, long-lasting way to advertise and market your business. They are suitable for signage applications with a minimum depth of 50mm, and both open and closed spaces. Find out more in our guide to large LED modules.