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What is RGB LED Neon Flex and how can it be used?

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RGB LED Neon Flex lighting is perfect for any event or project as this wonderful lighting option can suit many purposes and uses.

Read this guide to find out more about how it works, the advantages of RGB LED Neon Flex, how it compares to other types of lighting as well as some ideas on how you can use it to brighten up and event, project, home or garden.

In this guide:

Learn more about RGB LED Neon Flex and how it works

Find out about the benefits of this lighting over other types

Which applications can RGB LED Neon Flex be used for?

How does RGB LED Neon Flex work?

You might be wondering what RGB LED Neon Flex is and how it works. The lighting is created by mixing white light together with red, green or blue coloured light to make either white light or a range of other colours.

By using RGB LED Neon Flex, you could achieve a number of colour shades without having to buy more than one length of Neon Flex lighting. It can be adjusted so that you can use your lighting to display more than one colour, which can offer better value for money and expands the number of applications you can use it for.

This type of lighting is supplied with RGB controllers which allow you to change the colour of the light by switching on certain LEDs. For example, if you wanted to create a purple light, the controller would only switch on the red and blue lights.

What are the benefits of RGB LED Neon Flex?

There are a number of benefits of using RGB LED Neon lighting over other types of lighting.

Create a variety of colours

One of the main advantages of RGB LED Neon Flex is being able to create your own colours. If you’re an event planner, it is expensive and impractical to buy new lighting in different colours to suit client demands. RGB LED flexible lighting solves this issue by allowing you to change the colour when you want so you can use the same LED Neon Flex lighting for a number of projects.

Traditional neon lighting is not provided with a huge variety of colours and, as the light is produced with neon gas instead of LEDs, the colour cannot be changed. LED Neon Flex lighting solves this problem and saves you from having to buy LED lighting in a number of colours. LED lighting is also more environmentally friendly than neon gas.

Replicate brand colours

If you’re planning to use RGB LED Neon Flex lighting for your business, it’s a great investment that will help you to attract customers and accurately represent your brand. For example, you can replicate your brand colours easily without having to order custom made lighting.

This also means that if you redesign your brand, your lighting can be easily changed along with any upgrades to your business.

A cost-effective lighting option

LED Neon Flex lighting is low cost to run, better for the environment and more power-friendly than other types of lighting. Decorating your business with business with lighting can be expensive and there are usually other factors to consider over aesthetics, so the low cost of LED Neon Flex is a perfect and affordable option that can be easily implemented.

LED Neon Flex lighting is also far more eco-friendly than traditional glass neon lighting. LED Neon Flex lighting stays cool to the touch, whereas neon lighting is hot and can damage anything that touches it.

LED light is far better for the environment than damaging neon gas, which can leak into the atmosphere and into the ozone layer when disposed of and the gas released. Due to the temperature difference, LED lighting costs far less to run than power-hungry neon lighting.

Controllable lighting

RGB LED Neon Flex can be fully controlled. If you want to change the colour of lighting throughout the course of an event, this can be achieved manually by manipulating the controller or by attaching a timer to switch the lighting at a set time. This is the perfect option for a wedding – keep the lighting white during the ceremony and then have a multitude of colours at the after party or wedding breakfast.

What can RGB LED Neon Flex be used for?

RGB LED Neon Flex has a number of uses and is perfect for illuminating any project. The beauty of LED Neon Flex is it can be twisted and bent into any shape you want. If you want to create a personalised, eye-catching sign to draw attention to your business or light up an event, RGB LED Neon Flex lighting is the perfect option.

Shop signage

Neon Flex lighting is flexible so is a great way to easily create signage. Plan your sign by drawing or tracing letters onto backing, attach clips along the outline and then simply bend the Neon Flex to shape and secure it. These types of signs are perfect for lighting up a shop.


Neon Flex lighting is also perfect for events. If you are a wedding planner or planning your own wedding, RGB Neon Flex lighting could be exactly what you need to add a touch of colour and individuality to the event and to different occasions.

Nightclubs and bars

If you own a nightclub or a bar, you will need some kind of lighting so guests can see where they are going but isn’t so bright it will ruin the atmosphere of the evening. You could wrap a strip of LED Neon Flex lighting around the bar in your club to point it out to customers. It could also be used to mark out dance floors, booths and toilets.

At home

RGB LED Neon Flex lighting can also be used effectively at home or in gardens. A strip of the lighting could be attached to fences or garden walls to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Our RGB LED Neon Flex lighting options

14x25 Contour LED Neon Flex

  • IP65 rating
  • Water resistant alternative to neon lighting
  • Horizontal Bending
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contour led
12x20 Flat LED Neon Flex

  • IP67 rating
  • RGB only
  • Requires RGB remote control to operate
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To find out more about our RGB LED Neon Flex lighting, please contact us to speak to our expert team who are happy to share their experience in the LED lighting industry.