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A guide to LED module colour options: single colours

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LED lighting is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional halogen bulbs and fluorescent tubing. LEDs are a highly efficient, long-lasting, energy-saving and extremely versatile light source that are as suited to domestic settings as they are around an office or retail showroom.

An LED module is a small but durable device that provides excellent illumination to those hard-to-reach profiles, as well as built-up channel letters, backlighting and other decorations. This innovative type of LED technology is available in a variety of different colours, including pure and warm white, RGB/RGBW and single colours. Single-colour LED modules are different from RGB/RGBW as they only emit one colour rather than a full spectrum of colour, making them the perfect option for lightboxes and sign lighting where only one consistent shade is necessary.

This guide will introduce some of the ways you can use single-colour LED modules for your business or home, as well as some of the best products in the WeLoveLEDs range.

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Red LED modules

The colour red is often associated with romance and love, so red LED modules are the perfect choice if you're looking for a romantic lighting effect. If you run a bar or similar hospitality business, the SG2 LED Module would make the ideal addition to eye-catching signage and decorative lettering for Valentine’s Day events, wedding receptions and other celebrations.

The SG2 LED Module has an IP65 rating and is completely encapsulated for external use. This means it is an excellent light source for outdoor applications where the colour red serves as a warning or notice, such as safety signs. Alternatively, you could use it around your property to improve visibility.


Blue LED modules

Blue LED lights emit a calm and cooling colour, meaning that they can be used for a wide variety of lighting projects. If you're looking to fit some blue LED lights in your home, one option could be to place them in your bathroom to frame your mirror or around bath/shower. The SG3 LED Module has an IP65 rating so is splash and water-resistant (though it should never be fully submerged in water). The SG3 module in blue will immediately create a calm space, perfect for relaxing after a long day.

In a professional setting, blue lights can be used in a workplace to ensure that your workers feel calm and relaxed during the workday. Blue LED modules are different to cool white alternatives, which emit a blue-ish hue and crisp colour temperature typically used for encouraging alertness and productivity in office spaces. Blue, on the other hand, is more likely to evoke feelings of calmness and creativity.


Yellow LED modules

Yellow is an incredibly versatile colour, and LED modules in this shade can be used in a variety of applications. The QU2 LED Module would be perfect around the home to light up mirrors and illuminate the borders of cabinets. Because of its consistency and reliability, the QU2 module in yellow would be particularly effective as a reading light or nightlight.

Yellow LED modules are also a great choice for gardens and patios when there is good access to a power supply. The QU2 LED Module has an IP65 rating so is safe for outdoor installation, and can be used to accent patios, decking or even borders of flower beds. If you’re planning an outdoor event or celebration such as a wedding reception, yellow LED modules would be the ideal addition to lightboxes or decorative signs to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere even once the sun goes down.


Green LED modules

Green LED modules can be used for outdoor lighting if you're looking for a more natural look, as this colour is associated with balance and the environment. Green is commonly used to signify recycling and eco-friendly causes, so LED modules in this colour would be excellent for highlighting recycling points at festivals and similar gatherings.

The PE2 LED Module is perfect for safety signage such as fire exists, as well as small lightboxes and built-up channel letters for public holidays like St Patrick’s Day and the Christmas season. This module has an excellent 170° beam angle, so is effective in built-ups from a 40mm return depth.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between large and standard LED modules?

Large LED modules have greater return depth than standard LED modules, and provide more power at less cost. Large LED modules are also better than standard alternatives when used in more large-scale lighting projects such as flex face signage, whereas standard LED modules more commonly feature in face and halo illumination for built-up letters or as a simple luminaire. Find out more in our guide to large LED modules, and our guide to standard LED modules.

What are the best white LED modules?

Pure white LED modules such as the SGNANO LED Module are ideal for professional and retail settings where productivity and energy are key, whereas warm white light modules such as the QU3 LED Module are perfect for decorative applications requiring a homely or cosy effect. Find out more in our guide to pure and warm white LED modules.

What are the best RGB/RGBW LED modules?

The ROCK RGB3 LED Module is designed for long-life and extreme efficiency, and is ideal for signage with a 50-90mm return depth. Likewise, the ROCK RGBW LED Module provides the same unbeatable performance, with an extra white LED chip for even more colour creativity. Find out more in our guide to RGB/RGBW LED modules.