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LED Module Colour Options

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LED modules are a versatile form of LED technology, as popular for internal decorative lighting applications in domestic settings as they are for external advertising and retail signage. LED modules from WeLoveLEDs are available in three sizes (small, standard and large) and a range of different colours.

This guide explores these different colour options, including how they can be used in a variety of settings. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

Pure and warm white LED modules

Our pure white LED modules have colour temperatures that fall between 6300-7300k. Pure white is the lighting shade of choice for office spaces, warehouses and showrooms, as it helps promote productivity and energy. The SGNANO LED Module has an IP67 rating which makes it the ideal choice for outdoor signage and similar external lighting displays, as well as built-up letters.

Warm white LEDs have a softer light and are more yellow in tone. Our warm white LED modules fall between 2700-3200k and produce a cosy effect that is popular with hospitality businesses. The QU2 LED Module has a beam angle of 160° which is suited to slimline built-up letters and lightboxes.

For more information about how you can use pure and warm white LED modules for your next lighting project, check out our expert guide.

Single-colour LED modules

As well as pure and warm white, our LED modules are available in four single colours: red, blue, yellow and green. Unlike RGB and RGBW, single-colour modules emit one hue only and not a full spectrum of colour that can be managed with a controller.

Our SG2 and SG3 LED Modules have IP65 ratings and are completely encapsulated for outdoor use. When bought in blue, they would contribute to the creation of a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, in red, these modules would be an excellent light source for warning and safety signs.

Our guide to single-colour LED modules offers more ideas and inspiration for how you can use these red, blue, green or yellow lights.

RGB/RGBW LED modules

RGB/RGBW LED modules are colour-changing devices that give you access to the full spectrum of colour. They contain red, green and blue LED chips (with an additional white chip in RGBW) which, when combined at different brightness levels, creates more creative colour opportunities than you get with single-colour LED modules.

The ROCK RGBW LED Module is a low voltage, highly efficient choice for applications where that additional white chip is needed. The module has an IP67 rating and an ultra-wide beam angle of 160°, making it the ideal choice for slimline letters and signage with a 50-70mm return depth.

To find out how RGB/RGBW LED modules work and how you can incorporate them into your next lighting design, read our guide.

If you have any questions or are in need of some advice about choosing the right kind of LED lighting for your application, contact a member of our team today.