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LED Neon Flex Signs Vs Traditional Neon Signs

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Bright, eye-catching and on-trend, Neon lighting continues to be a staple for many businesses. Whether you’re looking to create an 80s retro feel or you want to create a modern aesthetic, LED Neon Flex lighting is an excellent alternative to traditional Neon lighting.

With the ability to quickly create custom-made designs and quality neon signage from scratch without the lengthy traditional processes. LED Neon signs are quickly replacing traditional glass Neon lighting due to their flexibility and ease of installation.

In this guide:

Learn more about the difference between Neon lighting and Led Neon Flex lighting

Find out about the reasons to choose LED Neon Flex

Create your own bespoke Neon signs

Find out where LED Neon Flex can be used

LED neon flex vs traditional neon lighting: what’s the difference?

Whilst the visual result of both a traditional Neon and LED Neon sign can be similar, the way each product is constructed is quite different.

Traditional Neon lighting is created using glass, which is typically hand-crafted into a specific shape or letters. Once the glass is shaped, it is filled with a gas that produces the fluorescent colour that Neon lighting is known for. While Neon lighting is named after the Neon gas inside, the gas is only used to create orange Neon signs. Other colours are produced with different gasses, such as hydrogen or carbon dioxide.

In contrast, LED Neon Flex signage is created through the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). These diodes are overlapped with each other to create a stable source of light and are often contained within acrylic as part of their design to prevent them from losing their shape as a result of their flexibility. LED lighting is already a popular option for lighting in the home and even in vehicles and commercial properties.

So, Neon lighting is just another of the many applications offered by this versatile solution.

The benefits of choosing LED lighting over traditional neon

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to opt for LED Neon Flex over a more traditional lighting option.


LED Neon Flex is much more energy efficient than Neon lighting. While Neon bulbs require around 15,000 volts to run, LEDs use just 24 volts. That means you’re using less power which provides a more cost-effective way to power your signage.

Cost also applies to the production of your signage too. LED Neon Flex is much easier to manipulate into the shape you want, which means less time producing the sign in the first place. While traditional Neon signage requires a full glass-making process, LED Neon Flex provides a lower cost and easier to install option.


LED Neon Flex signs are much more accessible than traditional Neon signs. They’re waterproof, meaning you can place them wherever you’d like to, and they’re safe for just about anywhere within a shop or on the side of a building.

Unlike Neon, LED Neon Flex doesn’t heat up as a result of chemical processes so they’re also safe to touch, reducing the safety risks associated with Neon signage. Combined with their impact resistance, LED Neon Flex is suitable for almost any environment.


Another significant benefit of LED Neon Flex over traditional Neon signage is functionality. LEDs produce consistent, bright light from the second they’re turned on, with no warm-up time required.


LED Neon Flex functions far more quietly than glass Neon. While the buzz or hum of Neon can be novel for a short time, it can quickly become irritating, especially when it comes to internal use of Neon signs and lighting.


Finally, LED Neon Flex lighting is more versatile than traditional Neon signage in several ways. It is lighter and thinner which makes it suitable for more spaces and for mounting on any wall or material. They’re also more durable, which means they’re less likely to get damaged in high-traffic areas.

LED Neon Flex signs can also feature a colour changing option. Unlike gas-based solutions, you’re not stuck with one effect or colour forever, further adding to the versatility of LED Neon Flex.

How is LED neon flex used for the creation of signage?

Due to an easier installation and production process, as well as the range of different options available when it comes to LED Neon Flex signage, there are many ways it can be used to create distinctive, appealing and vibrant Neon Signs. This includes:

Wall mounting

Whether using a ‘raw’ finish or placing your design behind acrylic, wall mounting is one of the most popular ways to use LED Neon Flex for signage. Whether it’s a simplistic design, a specific quote or even on-brand imagery, wall mounting provides the traditional Neon feel with modern design and a more cost-effective option.

Due to the lightweight nature of LED Neon Flex signage, it can be mounted using just clips, allowing it to be moved or removed at your leisure.

Logos and lettering

Due to the flexibility of LED Neon Flex, it can be transformed into just about any logo, lettering or imagery you want. Unlike traditional Neon signage, you’re also able to adjust and amend the shape following completed design work, allowing you to find something that perfectly fits your space once you’ve tried it out.

For bright, visible logos and lettering, LEDs are the ideal choice, especially when you need specific brand shades and colours incorporated into a design.

Paneled designs

For even greater accuracy in designs and to create an attractive contrast, LED Neon Flex can be sunk into grooved panels before being mounted. This can be an excellent way to add more texture and dimension to artwork or signage, something that wouldn’t be possible with traditional Neon lighting. Paneled designs will ensure your project is sharp and perfectly lit, further elevating your choice of text or logo.

Where can you use LED neon flex signs?

Custom LED Neon Flex signs and lights can be used across a range of different applications. Both indoor and outdoor shop signage is a popular choice but, the flexibility of LED Neon Flex, as well as its affordability, means it can be used for many other purposes.

Events, weddings, accent lighting and décor, both commercial and residential, are popular uses of signage. With a waterproof design, better safety and easy installations, LED Neon Flex can be used just about anywhere.

So, when it comes to glass Neon vs LED Neon Flex, which is best?

That depends on what you’re looking for. For flexibility, brightness, choice of design and ease of use, Led Neon Flex is the best choice. However, if you’re after an authentic, retro look, glass Neon tubes might be the best option.