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Office with Removed Celling Tiles

Building Improvement Update: Energy Efficiency Enhancements and Team Resilience

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Our building improvement works are currently underway

In case you missed our last blog post, we are making enhancements to our building to improve energy efficiency. This involves installing a second skin of windows and implementing a new air conditioning system.

Both of these building improvements are expected to have a positive impact on our team. They will contribute to noise reduction and help maintain a cooler indoor environment during the summer months.

We are currently in the fourth week of these renovations, and the building's appearance has undergone a significant transformation. The ceiling tiles have been removed to accommodate the installation of the air conditioning pipes. This change has given the building a somewhat 'industrial' aesthetic.

Interestingly, some members of the team actually prefer the appearance of the building during this mid-renovation phase. However, it does come with its drawbacks. With the absence of the ceiling, even the slightest sounds can be heard from the opposite end of the building. While some might consider this a team-building experience, others find it a bit close for comfort.

Despite the disruptions to the building, our team continues to work diligently and provide the exceptional customer service they are known for. We express our gratitude to them for their adaptability and versatility throughout these building improvements.

Vinyl Room Building Improvements
WLL Stock Room Building Improvements

Vinyl Room mid building Improvement 

We Love LED's Stock Room mid building Improvement 

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