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Trick or Treat Sign - Close Up

The Frightful Finale: A Spine-Tingling Components Reveal of Our Mysterious Sign

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Creepy Components Unveiled 🎃👻

Through the month of October, we’ve been doing a spooktacular reveal of a sign comprised of components sold by We Love LED’s. This week, we’re bringing you the finale! We’ll be providing you with a breakdown of each component and how they can be used, but remember, the possibilities are not limited to the ones listed by us. If you have other ways in which you’d like to use them but you're not sure if it would work, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Push-through LEDs

We used the RGB Pixel in 12mm for our Trick or Treat sign. These module components are designed to add decorative finishes to almost any surface whilst giving you full control over the colour using a suitable RGB controller and PSU. 

The DOT12RGB-P pushes through from the back of the material and has a beam angle of only 90° to give that 'spotty' effect you want from them and it is also completely encapsulated for outdoor use.

Push-through LEDs


LED Neon Flex

6mm x 12mm bendable component, silicone LED magic that mimics glass neon. Ideal for both indoors and out, it offers a rainbow of colours and dynamic effects.

The outer of the flex, called the 'jacket', is White. This means when not illuminated they are white.

Skeleton made from Neon Flex


Fairground Light Kits - E10

Our ‘Fairground’ style lighting kits can be used for signs or decoration. We've used them to create our pumpkin but they are a very versatile and eye-catching component. 

With a selection of 15 different colours and two variations of bulbs, we have enough choices to suit any occasion.

Close up of a Cabochon Bulb


'Failing' Effect Dimmer

This bespoke controller has been wired up to LED Neon Flex to create an eerie ‘failing’ effect. It's perfect to add that old-school flicker or a spooky effect.

It's a versatile component that will elevate any lighting solution. Get in touch to find out more.

All the components used are available through We Love LEDs, if you have any questions or would like advice on how we can help on your project please don't hesitate to get in touch. or 01132524706