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Rotary Dimmer, 22A

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  • Description
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  • This little unit packs a big punch with a 22A capability.
    From 100% full brightness down to 20% without flickering
    It's to be placed between the 12v/24v supply of the PSU and the LED.
    Simply turn the dial to adjust the brightness to your personal needs.

    Due to the dimmer having open screw terminals, it would need to be placed in a waterproof enclosure if the dimmer needs to be situated outside. It doesn't need airflow.

  • Operating Voltage: 12v or 24v
    Output: 12v<264w - 24v<528w
    Temperature Range: -20 to 60C
    Dimensions: 65 x 62 x 36mm + fitting plates
    Output Current: Max 22A - This is a 30A dimmer that has been set to 22A max.

    **To figure out how many amps your LED will use, divide the total number of Watts by the voltage.
    ie: 200 x SG3 LED modules @ 0.3w each = 60w total - 60w divided by 12v = 5amps