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Ring-type accessory kit

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£33.00 - £77.00
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Presenting our exclusive Ring-style accessory set, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with our 25mm diameter NP360 LED flex. This cutting-edge accessory empowers you to construct eye-catching circular illumination with minimal hardware and beautifully neat electrical connections. Suspend it from the ceiling and experiment with vertical, diagonal, or varying length arrangements to fashion a distinctive, asymmetric lighting masterpiece.

This versatile kit is available in three standard sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The only variation among them lies in the quantity of hanging fixtures provided, with all other components remaining consistent.

  • Small (3x) / Medium (5x) / Large (7x) steel cables equipped with a ceiling fitting at one end and a polycarbonate 'ring' fitting at the opposite end.
  • 1 x 505mm Electrical 'Side outlet' cable, with a stripped cable and shoulder gasket for soldering to the flex at one end, and an insulated 2-core cable for power source connection at the other.
  • 1 x Aluminum end-to-end connector to complete the circular form.

*Please note that the NP360 flex is sold separately.

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