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RGB Signal Amplifier/Repeater

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  • Our RGB Signal Amplifier/Repeaters are used to boost/extend the signal of an RGB controller allowing greater lengths of LED strip/modules whilst only using one controller.
    If an installation requires longer lengths of strip (over 5m (12v) or 10m (24v)) then beyond a certain point the brightness of the strip will begin to fade because of voltage drop over distance. To avoid this you can add a signal amplifier which links back to the RGB controller and boosts the signal meaning that extended lengths can be controlled by a single remote.

    The amplifier itself will need to be protected from the weather and can either be positioned inside the sign, a waterproof junction box or inside the building.

    Works wonderfully with our 12v/24v RGB modules and strips.

  • Input Voltage: 5-24vdc
    Max Current Load: 5A x 3Channels MAX 15A
    Max Output Power: 75w/180w/360w (5v/12v/24v)
    Working Temp: -30C ~ 55C
    Size: 121x 39 x 39mm

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