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46mm Pixel Cabochon - 24v

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  • 46mm Pixel Cabochon - 24v - Outdoor

    Our 46mm pixel cabochons each come complete with fixing nuts and 2 waterproof 3pin connectors on 110mm cables.

    They connect to each other using the 3pin connectors and can be extended up to 512 lights in one run, with power injected every 30 lights.  

    If you need to put some extra distance between the lights, choose the 9mm extension for these  46mm Cabochons Fairground Pixels

    These lights need a digital controller such as our T1000-S to make them run.
    They are to be individually programmed and are used to create complex colour sequences and animations.


    Extra Info

    Link to Controller & Power Injection Cable
    Link to Wiring Diagram
    Link to Programming Software (Led Edit V3.53 2018) 
    Link to Data Sheet

    - Max distance between to units is 225mm centre to centre. If you want more spacing you can use the Fairground Pixel Extension Cables
    - Max thickness of material for the lampholder to push through is 12mm.
    - For example a 100w 24v PSU will power 41 of these lights running at 90%.
    Note: you will need to boost the power after 30no lights by connecting the power booster cable directly back to the PSU
    Choose the 9mm extension for the 46mm Cabochons Fairground Pixels. These are available in 3 lengths: 500mm, 5m and 10m

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  • Wattage: 2.2w
    Bulb Size:  46mm x 63mm
    Bulb Material: Methacrylate
    LEDs: 5050SMD Pixel
    IC: 1903
    Voltage: 24v
    Rated: IP65
    Lifespan: 50,000hrs
    Warranty: 1yr
    Extendable: Up to 512 lights

  • Drill a 14mm hole in your panel or letter face, pass the wires one by one through the hole from the front, and push the light flat. From the back, take the nut provided and feed the wires through the nut, thread onto the back of the light and tighten. The wires on the back of the light can then be connected to the next light and so on.