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Scotchlok UB2A-D Connectors - 100pk


  • 3M Scotchlok UB2A-D is a dependable electrical dry connection
    This single IDC Bridge Tap Connector is designed to accommodate 2 conductors. 
    It is ideal for use on PIC, pulp and paper cables.
    Proper positioning of the connector on the conductor and pre-crimping prevents the conductor from slipping out of the connector before the crimp is completed.
    The connector is designed to provide direct tapping into existing solid copper conductors without interrupting service.
  • Wiring without stripping
    For vibration proof and permanent connections

    Composition: dry
    Cable cross-section: 0.4-0.9mm (AWG 19-26)
    External diameter: 2.08mm
    Specification: Splitter, white cap
    Durable polypropylene construction

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