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S-Type 60 LED Strip, 9.6w, 12v, p/m


  • Our 12v 'S-Type' 60 LED strip has 60no 2835 LEDs p/m, is 9.6w p/m and produces up to 1210lm p/m

    Available in 6 colours:
    Pure White - 6000K/1210lm p/m 
    Warm White - 2700K/1210lm p/m
    Blue - 460-480nm/120lm p/m
    Red - 620-640nm/150lm p/m
    Green - 510-540nm/420lm p/m
    Yellow - 586-594nm/180lm p/m

    - Designed specifically for illuminating built up channel letters, moulded letters and flat shapes/logos.
    - The LED strip has a unique PCB board cut in a 'zigzag' shape with amazing flexibility, allowing you to be able to bend the strip along 2 axis. This has never been possible before.

    All of our strips are backed in 3M double sided tape and have cutting intervals every 50mm.
    With pre-soldered wire to each end, the rolls come in 5m reels, 6mm wide x 2.5mm high, as standard.

    Please note: Price shown is per metre not per reel. When this item is sold by the metre, there is a chance it will be from a part roll that won't have any wire attached.

  • Colours
    Pure White - 6000K
    Warm White - 2700K
    Red, Green, Blue and Yellow

    LED Type: 2835SMD, 60LEDs p/m
    IP Rating - IP20
    Wattage - 9.6w p/m
    Lumens - 1210lm p/m
    LED Type - 2835
    LED Density - 60 p/m
    Voltage - 12v
    Lifespan - up to 50,000hrs
    Size - 6mm wide x 2.5mm thick
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