Pixel 60 RIGID LED Strip - 5v - 14.4w p/m


  • Our 5v Pixel 60 RIGID LED Strip has 60 LEDs p/m and is 14.4w p/m 

    - This amazing product is only 10mm wide with 60 leds on each metre long strip, perfect for dynamic colour chasing.
    - The strip is fitted with small full colour chips, protected by a UV stable polyurethane coating, which means they can produce a dazzling display for commercial or home use.

    All the attributes of the flexible strip in easy to fit rigid 1m lengths

    All of our strips are backed in 3M double sided tape and have cutting intervals every LED.

    You will need an appropriate 5v PSU and a digital/pixel  controller to illuminate this product.

    With pre-soldered wire to each end, the strips come in 1m lengths, 10mm wide x 2.3mm high, and with 2 connectors as standard.
     with a maximum cascading length
  • LEDs - 60 LEDs p/m
    LED Type - WS2811IC built inside SMD5050LED
    IP Rating - IP20
    Wattage - 14.4w p/m
    Addressing Range: 3 LEDs addressable
    Max. Cascading Length: 50m
    Voltage - 5v
    Lifespan - up to 30,000hrs
    Size - 10mm wide x 2.3mm thick 1000mm long
    Cut points: every LED
    Working Temperature: -30*C ~ +70*C
    Strip connector: 3-pin SM type on both ends of strip
    3 year warranty 

    99 Dynamic modes
    10 Dynamic speed levels
    29 Static colours
    10 levels of colour brightness

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