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Mini Warm to Pure White Controller with Remote 9A


  • The only thing limited with this Mini Warm to Pure White Controller with Remote control is space!
    The remote has a handy storage case that can be wall mounted for convenience and a sleep mode to preserve battery life.

    From 2700k to 7500K the range of illumination will suit every mood.
    For use specifically with our tuneable strip.

    The controller itself will need to be protected from the weather and can either be positioned inside the sign, a waterproof junction box or inside the building.

  • Input Voltage: 12-24vdc
    Max Current Load: 3A x 3Channels MAX 9A
    Max Output Power: 0~36/0~72w (12v/24v)
    Working Temp: -30C ~ 55C
    Controller Size: 135*30*20mm
    Remote Size: 104*60*9mm
    Working Frequency: 433.92Mhz
    Remote Working Voltage: DC3V (Battery CR2032)
    Range: 40m

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