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LiPo Fast Charger- 12v 3A High Output


  • Upgrade to a LiPo Fast Smart Charger to HALVE the charging time of the Tracer Batteries.

    The High output mains battery charger is suitable to use on all lithium battery packs from 8Ah to 22Ah

  • Charge times:
    8Ah: 4-6 hours
    10Ah: 4-7 hours
    14Ah: 5-8 hours
    22Ah: 7-10 hours

    Example Light Durations
    4Ah: 1m 9.6w Classic Strip - 5hrs / 20x SG3 Modules - 8hrs
    8Ah: 1m 9.6w Classic Strip - 10hrs / 20x SG3 Modules - 16hrs
    10Ah: 1m 9.6w Classic Strip - 12.5hrs / 20x SG3 Modules - 20hrs
    14Ah: 1m 9.6w Classic Strip - 17.5hrs / 20x SG3 Modules - 24hrs
    22Ah: 1m 9.6w Classic Strip - 27.5hrs / 20x SG3 Modules - 44hrs

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