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LED Connector & Cable Kit - Expert


Our LED Connector & Cable EXPERT Kit is perfect for those of you that have LED experience and appreciate the amount of time that can be saved using these types of connectors & cables.

Perfect for use with: Led Modules, Strip, Cabochons & Golfball bulbs

We always recommend the keen LED enthusiast keeps a small stock on their shelves, as these can save hours of time when compared to using outdated connectors.

Our EXPERT kit includes:
- 20 x each 2, 3 & 5 port lever clamps LINK
- 200 x Red splice connectors LINK
- 200 x Clear Dexgreen connectors LINK
- *100* x UB2a Scotchlok connectors LINK
- 20m Black & Red 1.5mm Tri-wire LINK
- 20m White & Black 0.5mm twin wire LINK
- 20m Clear 0.5mm twin led wire LINK
- 20m RGB 0.5mm led wire LINK
- 1 x Yellow crimping tool LINK

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