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Marquee Letters x 3 - Square Serif Font

Sold in 3's, out square Serif font MDF Letters are for use with cabochon and golfball lighting.
These sturdy 'Rockwell' letters and symbols are perfect to make a larger than life statement. Whether it being for initials, words or slogans, these letters will give you the perfect backdrop for weddings, events and instagrammable pictures.

Get creative in the garage!
Our flat MDF marquee letters are supplied with holes already cut to suit the lighting of your choice. They're supplied bare, sanded, and ready to paint!

*Note: When choosing 15mm Material, the back of the material will have a 40mm dia rebate milled around the holes to get the thickness down to 10mm for the light fittings. It's not needed on the 9mm.

Material: MDF
Fonts: Rockwell 
Height:  600mm  |  900mm  |  1200mm
Thickness: 9mm  |  15mm

All holes are either 14mm or 20mm as standard. We can cut customer sizes holes if you let us know in the notes section on checkout.

Number of holes p/letter:
600mm - 5-9
900mm - 6-10
1200mm - 7-12

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