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Fabric Lighting Cable - With-a-Twist - Lime Green


  • Want some attention? Use this zesty ripe Lime Green 'With-a-Twist' Fabric Lighting Cable.
    Bright! Cheerful! Bursting with fun! Go on - have a go!

    Can also be used as a 2 core cable.
    Designed specifically to recreate the look of the original electrical flexes
    Ideal for modern day decoration purposes: pendant lighting, table, floor and wall lights.
    The cables flex smoothly to allow you to create cable curves or just to coil up easily.
    High quality Rayon outer braiding in a vast array of colours and patterns, all held in stock.
    Will work from 12v up to 300v, and rated at 6amps.
    Also available as a round cable.
    Sold by the metre and supplied in up to 100m lengths.

    We only supply the best cable, and are very proud to say it is 100% manufactured in the UK.

  • Braided Triple: 3 core (can also be used as 2 core)

    Insulation: Double PVC
    Outer Braiding: Abrasion Resistant Rayon
    Current rating: 6A
    Csa Mm Sq: 0.75
    Bend radius: 24mm
    Weight per metre: 55g
    Outer diameter: 6.3mm
    Max load weight: 4.1kg
    Max Voltage: 300v
    Complies with BS EN 50525 for electrical cables and BS EN 60598 for light fittings

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