Eco 60 LED Strip, 12v, 4.8w p/m


  • Our 12v Eco 60 LED Strip has 60 LED p/m, is 4.8w and produces up to 420lm p/m

    Available in 2 colours, by the metre* or in 5m reels:
    Pure White - 6000K/360-420lm p/m
    Warm White - 2700K/360-420lm p/m

    - An ultra-thin product at only 8mm wide with 60leds p/m, perfect for bright illumination and decoration. 
    - The strip is fitted with small 3528 LED chips which means they produce a decorative amount of light for a whole range of uses.

    All of our strips are backed in 3M double sided tape and have cutting intervals every 50mm.

    You will need an appropriate 12v PSU to illuminate this product.

    With pre-soldered wire to each end, the rolls come in 5m reels, 8mm wide x 2.5mm high, as standard. 

    Please note: *Buy more than 1m and it will be in one continuous length up to 5m.
    When this item is sold by the metre, there is a chance it will be from a part roll that won't have any wire attached.
  • Colours;
    Pure White - 6000K/360-420lm
    Warm White - 3000K/360-420lm

    LED Type: 3528SMD, 60LEDs p/m
    IP Rating - IP20
    Wattage - 4.8w p/m
    Lumens - 360-420lm
    Voltage - 12v
    Lifespan - 30,000hrs
    Size - 8mm wide x 2.5mm thick
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