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60mm RGB Fairground Lights - Plug'n'play - 24v

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Suitable Applications:

Use standard RGB or DMX controllers to easily control the colours and fading/flashing effects.
No complicated programming required.

  • Style/Size: 60mm dia
  • Voltage: 24v
  • Wattage: 3.6w p/light
  • Lumens:

Our 60mm RGB cabochons are comprised of the Acrylic lens & base, LED light, lampholder and moulded 4 pin cables. These simple cabochons are plug'n'play, very easy to setup and don't need any specialist programming or equipment.

Each cabochon comprises 18led diodes and is designed to be used with a basic RGB or  DMX512 controllers.

These are a 'dumb' system, meaning unlike the Pixel Cabochons which are individually controlled, these are designed to work as a group where all the lights do the same thing.

Perfect for use inside and outside.

Sold individually.

Want them in kit form? Let us know your requirements and we'll see what we can do! Please contact us at

  • Cabochon Cap & Base
  • LED Bulb
  • Fixing nut
  • Lampholder with moulded cables

Each unit comes with two 100mm leads exiting out of the back with one male and female 4 pin connector.

The lights can be spaced 100-200mm apart.

Drill a 19-22mm hole wherever you want to position a light. Pass the light through hole from front to back and secure with a supplied fixing nut. Then use the cables to easily connect to each other.

  • Power: 1-3.6w per led bulb
  • LED Qty in each cabochon: 18 SMD5050
  • DMX control: 512 - 4pin
  • Material: Methachrylate
  • Max thickness of material for the lampholder to push through is 15mm.
  • Apx 25mm clearance required on the backside of the material for the wiring and lampholder nut if they are being fit inside a trough letter for example.