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E10 RGB Cabochon x 16 kit - 24v

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  • Our 24v RGB Cabochon kits are perfect for adding that something extra to your project or decoration. When finished, they look exactly the same as a standard cabochon, but it cycles through dozens of different colours and effects to give you something completely different. Very much a carnival feel.

    They are fit in the same way as the standard cabochons, it's just a case of using the RGB led along with an AC/AC Power supply.

    The LEDs are pre-programmed with various lighting displays, just give them power and they'll do their stuff! They're numbered and the idea is to fit them consecutively next to each other so they can run through their programs. You can fit them however you want to get different effects, go nuts!

    Each LED is individually programmed so it know's what to do, you don't need any other special controllers.

    Download our guides:

    Cabochon Fitting Guide (This is yet to be updated for RGB Cabochons, although the fitting method is identical)
    Marquee Letters

    We can tailor make kits to your requirements. Get in touch for details

  • This kit includes:
    16 x E10 RGB Complete Units (Cabochon, Lampholder, LED)
    6m x 1.5mm Cable (3m Red & 3m Black)
    1 x Single Wire adaptor
    2 x 2port Lever Clamps
    *1 x 72w 24v (3A) AC/AC PSU with 2.1mm DC plug & 3pin plug attached.
    The PSU is offered as an option. You can purchase the kit without the PSU if you want to add more lights to the kit.

    *The 72w PSU will power up to 48 E10 lights in any combination of sets. 4, 8 or 16.
    ie: Each E10 light is 1.5w. 4 set = 6w. 8 set = 12w. 16 set = 24w.
    As long as the total isn't more than 72w you can choose any combination to run
    from 1 x 72w PSU.

    We can tailor make kits to your requirements. Get in touch for details -

  • - E10 Cabochons are 40mm dia tapering down to 25mm x 43mm high
    - Max thickness of material for the lampholder to push through is 10mm.
    - Apx 25mm clearance required on the backside of the material for the wiring and  lampholder nut
    - LED bulbs - 1.5w 24v
    - Each lampholder is rated upto 240v but is stamped with 24v for the kits purposes.

    Our E10 Fairground lights create a strikingly radial effect from the base, while the cap generates a highly attractive Diamond like effect, emitting powerful luminosity from all angles, for all to see.
    They are made of transparent methachrylate and have a bright effect with central luminous lens. It comes in 2 parts with a lens cap and a conic base with internal thread for an E10 socket.

    Fitting - Drill a 14mm hole in your panel or letter face, push the lamp holder fitting through the back of the hole and screw the E10 Base to the front on the thread of the spike fitting. Easy. The LED or incandescent bulb can be screwed in through the centre of the base and then the cap as screwed over the top. This isn't only a very simple method for the initial fix, it is also perfect for the maintenance of the sign as you only need to be able to get to the face.