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Pixel LED Strip - 5v - 14.4w p/m


  • Our 5v Pixel LED Strip has 60 LEDs p/m and is 14.4w p/m 

    - This amazing product is only 10mm wide with 60 leds p/m, perfect for dynamic colour chasing.
    - The strip is fitted with small full colour chips, protected by a UV stable polyurethane coating, which means they can produce a dazzling display for commercial or residential use.

    All of our strips are backed in 3M double sided tape and have cutting intervals every LED.

    With pre-soldered wire to each end, the rolls come in 5m reels, 10mm wide x 2.3mm high, as standard.
    Also available in cut lengths by the metre.

    Please note: Price shown is per metre not per reel.
    When this item is sold by the metre, there is a chance it will be from a part roll that won't have any wire attached.

  • LEDs - 60 LEDs p/m
    LED Type - WS2811IC built inside SMD5050LED
    IP Rating - IP20
    Wattage - 14.4w p/m
    Addressing Range: 3 LEDs addressable
    Max. Cascading Length: 50m
    Voltage - 5v
    Lifespan - up to 30,000hrs
    Size - 10mm wide x 2.3mm thick
    Cut points: every LED
    Working Temperature: -30*C ~ +70*C
    Strip connector: 4-pin SM type on both ends of 5m reel
    1 year warranty 

    99 Dynamic modes
    10 Dynamic speed levels
    29 Static colours
    10 levels of colour brightness

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