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A guide to slim LED Neon Flex

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If you want your shopfront or retail space to stand out, or need some lighting for your new home, slim LED Neon Flex could be the ideal solution for you. This bendable tube lighting is an amazing alternative to traditional glass neon tubing.

Providing durability, easy installation and excellent flexibility, slim LED Neon Flex guarantees a creative finish to any lighting project. Its reduced thickness allows for greater adaptability than other kinds of strip or rope light, while maintaining uniform light output and low energy consumption.

In this guide:


Slim LED Neon Flex is excellent for a variety of applications, but is most effective for creating striking signage with lettering and shapes. It is particularly suited to:

  • Accent lighting
  • Back/task lighting
  • Window displays, display cases and shelving
  • Cove lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting

If none of these uses seems to fit your needs, a Neon Flex light is the ideal choice for a custom neon sign or decoration as well. It can also be used for outdoor applications such as shopfronts and gardens, but requires certain specifications for these uses (more on this below). Being slender, flexible and adaptable, it can be altered to suit your exact requirements, no matter what they are.


If this is your first time considering slim LED Neon Flex, it might seem confusing. But making your final choice is easier when you know the lighting specifications for your project and the product you have in mind.

The first important factor is the Ingress Protection (IP) rating. This measures the effectiveness of electrical enclosures, such as the PVC or silicone tubing of LED lighting. It tells you how protected the product will be from foreign intrusions, such as dirt or moisture, and how resistant it will be against damage.

If you need Neon Flex which is water-resistant or waterproof, you need to consider the IP65, IP66 and IP67 ratings. As long as your LED light has one of these IP ratings and makes use of appropriate IP-rated fixings, your fixture can be used in your garden, on your shopfront or in any other outdoor setting.

You will also need to understand the working and storage temperature of the lights. It's important to be sure of the lifespan you expect from your lighting fixture, and that the lights you choose can stand up to the conditions they will be subjected to.

Available products

With a wide range of slim LED Neon Flex lighting available, We Love LEDs is sure to have something that will make your space look professional and beautiful. These include:

6x12mm Dome Mini LED Neon Flex in 12v power supply

Perfect for creating neon-look signage and window displays, this Neon Flex has horizontal bending and an IP67 rating. It has a beam angle of 160 degrees and a bending diameter of 30mm. You can choose from eight colour options: pure or warm white, yellow, blue, red, green, pink and orange. It's available by the metre.

8x16mm Dome LED Neon Flex in 12v power supply

This domed light is great for designers who want to brighten their POS, shelving or business signage. It has an IP65 rating, so you can use it internally or externally for window displays. Available by the metre or in 50m reels, choose from pure or warm white, pink, green, blue, red, yellow and orange.

10x10mm Tri-View LED Neon Flex in 12v power supply

This Flex also has an IP67 rating is visible on three sides, making it great for outline impact. It has a beam angle of 160 degrees, is dimmable, has a vertical bend and a bending diameter of 50mm. It comes in in pure or warm white as standard, and alternative colours are available on special order. It is available by the metre.

13mm Round 360 LED Neon Flex in 24v power supply

Achieving light all around the light, the 13mm Round 360 LED Neon Flex looks the closest to traditional neon. It has an IP65 rating, perfect for use indoors and outside. Available by the metre, it comes in pure white, red or blue as standard, and is available in warm white, green or yellow/amber through special order.

14x25mm Contour LED Neon Flex in 24v power supply

This is ideal for long strips of colour to accentuate a building, or for creating large shapes. It has an IP65 rating and is available in warm or pure white as standard, or special order for red, green, blue, yellow/amber, RGB and Pixel. Sold by the metre or customised lengths through special order.

When you are considering the right LED Neon Flex light for your home or business, make sure to keep We Love LEDs solutions in mind. Whether you know exactly what your project needs or would like to discuss more bespoke options, get in touch and we are bound to have the right choice for you.