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Neon Flex Lighting Help

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Below is our Neon Flex lighting advice centre hub which covers all things Neon Flex lighting. Our expert advice fully explains how to choose the correct neon flex lighting and how to install it too.

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LED Neon Flex Help

Whether it's for outdoor events, gardens, shop fronts or signage, LED Neon Flex can be used in a wide range of external applications. Read our expert guide to get an understand of the benefits it offers to make sure it's right for you and your project.

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How to install LED Neon Flex lighting

Neon Flex lighting when installed properly, can look incredible for years to come. Neon Flex is a great replacement for traditional Neon signs, so we’ve provided all of the information you will need to make the installation quick and easy.

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LED Neon Flex Signs Vs Traditional Neon Signs

Whether you’re looking to create an 80s retro feel or you want to create a modern aesthetic look, LED Neon signs are quickly replacing traditional glass Neon lighting due to their flexibility and ease of installation.

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cutting led neon flex

How to cut LED Neon Flex lighting

Cutting your Neon Flex lighting might seem daunting, but in this guide we'll show you how to safely and successfully cut strips of LED Neon Flex to desired lengths to suit the design requirements of your project.

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slim neon led

A guide to slim LED Neon Flex

Slim LED Neon Flex could be the ideal solution for you as it provides durability, easy installation and excellent flexibility. This bendable tube lighting is also an amazing alternative to traditional glass neon tubing.

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outdoor neon led

Can LED Neon Flex lighting be used outdoors?

LED Neon Flex lighting can be used in a diverse range of applications by providing accent lighting wherever you require it, it's ideal for commercial business use and is popular with event organisers, wedding planners, production companies and specialist sign companies.

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neon led voltage

A guide to LED Neon Flex voltage options

There are two voltage options available for Neon Flex: 12v and 24v. Being a highly flexible, modern alternative to traditional glass neon lights, this LED technology is perfect for internal and external lighting options within any office, building or home setting.

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