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LED Strip Types

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Below is our LED strip types advice centre hub which covers the types specifically. Our expert advice fully explains the differences in strip types and what they can offer you.

LED white strip

Different Types of LED Strip Lighting

This article will walk you through everything you will need to know about different options for LED strips.

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neon lights

A Guide to SuperSlim LED Strip Lighting

This guide explains the benefits of SuperSlim LED strip lighting and their common uses, including cabinet lighting, decorative lighting, accent lighting and backlighting.

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neon flex

A Guide to Colour Changing LED Strip Lighting

In this guide, we’ll explain the difference between some of the main types of colour changing LED lights, the two main categories of colour changing LED light strips are RGB and RGBW. This expert guide will highlight the benefits and main uses to help you choose the right product for you.

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neon flex

A Guide to Classic LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is a versatile and cost-effective way to enhance a room. They come in many different types such as rigid, flexible, colour-changing, water-resistant, eco and classic. This guide will provide you with the technical details you need to know before purchasing.

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water resistant LED strips

A Guide to Water-Resistant LED Strips

This guide looks at our range of water-resistant LED strip lights, including their main benefits and typical uses, as well as the key things to consider before purchasing.

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LED strip voltage

A Guide to LED Strip Voltage Options

There are three voltage options for our LED strips: 5v, 12v and 24v. This guide explains the benefits and typical applications of each, as well as some technical considerations and frequently asked questions.

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Eco LED strips

A Guide to Eco LED Strips

LED strips are an energy-saving lighting solution suitable for a range of internal applications such as bedroom and cabinet lighting. This guide discusses our Eco range and our other energy-efficient strip lights.

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