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A guide to LED module colour options: pure and warm white

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LED technology is an increasingly popular lighting solution which offers incredible efficiency and energy-saving benefits. LED modules are a flexible and versatile example of this, and are excellent for use in signage and providing even illumination to spaces alternative light sources simply cannot reach.

In this guide, we will discuss two popular colour options for LED modules: pure and warm white. These colours may sound similar, but they provide very different lighting effects and temperatures. We will start by discussing what LED modules are, before explaining the typical uses of pure and warm white LED modules in more detail.

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What are LED modules?

Differing significantly from a simple LED bulb, an LED module is a device that contains a chain of several LED emitters. These lights tend to be both waterproof and splashproof and are designed primarily for signage rather than lighting up whole rooms. The versatility and flexibility offered by LED modules mean they are ideal for purposes such as flex-face signage, and this is all whilst providing a high level of efficiency (a large LED module can achieve up to 225 lumens per watt).

There are several different sizes of LED modules available and each one can complete a different function. Although there are small, standard and large options on offer, there are more factors to think about than physical size. For example, the density of LEDs can play a big part in ensuring you have the right module for your lighting application, as can ‘return depth’, which is the distance between the LED emitter itself and the light-emitting surface. When you're looking to purchase LED modules, you should do as much research as possible to make sure that every single technical aspect is right for you.

Pure white LED modules

The specific colour and tone of an LED module can help you achieve a certain mood or atmosphere, which can be really important for events or in a business setting. After all, if your lighting has the wrong hue, you could find yourself with products that aren't lit up effectively or signage that doesn't quite feel like it's reflects your brand or event.

Pure White

Our pure white LED modules fall between 6300-7300k. In lighting terms, k stands for Kelvin and is often used to describe the ‘colour temperature’ of a light source. A higher temperature will effectively make a brighter, somewhat bluer hue, with 6300-7300k serving as a very pure white and 7500k emitting what is known as ‘cool white’.

The SGNANO LED Module is available only in pure white 6500k. It is one of the smallest LED modules on the market and is incredibly robust despite its tiny size. With an IP67 rating, it is perfect for external lighting applications and will provide an even light in the narrowest of profiles. It is particularly suited to use in built-up letters from a 30mm return depth.

The SGMICRO LED Module in pure white 6500k measures just 25mm x 5mm x 2.5mm and has an IP20 rating for use in internal signage. It is ideal for acrylic encapsulation of 30-40mm and offers incredible versatility and efficiency.

For an even crisper, slightly blue light, try the ROCK3 LED Module. This is available in pure white 6600k and a cool white in 7500k, and is designed for high efficiency and longevity. The ROCK3 module has a 175° beam angle, so is excellent for slimline letters and signage with a 50-70mm return depth. It has an IP67 rating and is completely encapsulated for external applications.

Warm white LED modules

Where pure white has connotations of productivity and energy, warm white LED modules are much softer in tone and fall between 2700-3200k. The yellow-ish tinges of warm white LED modules have a more homely and cosy effect than pure white alternatives. For this reason, warm white LEDs are more commonly used for signage in hospitality settings. Your signage will likely be the first thing that a potential customer sees of your business, and warm white LED modules will help create a welcoming tone.

Warm White LED Module

The QU3 LED Module and QU2 LED Module are available in warm white 3000k. They are excellent for decorative applications and signage with a return depth from 50mm. The QU3 module is ideal for large built-up channel letters and lightboxes, whereas the QU2 module is better for small letters and lightboxes. They each have a beam angle of 160°, making them the perfect choice for more slimline built-up letters.

Frequently asked questions

What type of LED module should I use for flex face signage?

When you're looking for large scale signage, you should use large LED modules due to their LED density and size. The ROCK3 LED Module offers 150 lumens per watt, and the QU3 LED Module comes in pure white, warm white and even a selection of colours including red, blue and green. By picking the right LED modules, you can make your signage better than ever.

What can I use RGB LED modules for?

RGB LED modules offer all the benefits of pure and warm white modules, but with even more colour flexibility. With the ROCK RGB3 LED Module and an appropriate RGB controller, you can achieve all kinds of creative lighting displays. Find out more in our guide to RGB and RGBW LED modules.