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LED lighting for living rooms

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An estimated 14% of households in the UK now utilise LED lights, making homes more sustainable and safer. LED living room lighting is the perfect choice for a home, as it is low maintenance and produces less heat than a traditional incandescent light bulb. There are plenty of flexible options, allowing LED lights to be placed anywhere in your home. LEDs suit living rooms perfectly, and can add ambience and style to your home.

In this guide, we will explore the different places that LED lights can be placed to enhance your living room lighting, as well as the best choices that will benefit your space.

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Best places to put LED lights in your living room

Everyone's living room is different, in terms of furniture, shape and size. Depending on what is available to you, LED lights can be placed in numerous corners to improve your living room lighting. From implementing an LED ceiling light to adding flex and strip lighting for decoration, there are plenty of ways LEDs can help your living room stand out. Here are just a few places where LEDs can take centre stage if you're looking for living room lighting ideas:


As well as your main light, decorative LED lighting can work well to create ambience and add a modern twist to your home. LED strip lights can be placed onto your ceiling easily, and can last for around 50,000 hours. Warm white can create a calm atmosphere, but there are RGB colour changing options if you're known to throw a party or two.

Behind the TV

If you're an avid gamer, LED lighting with colour changing effects could really enhance your experience. It can help your TV stand out, and can become the centrepiece in your living room for decoration. However, be sure to pick a style and colour that matches your living room décor, as you don't want it to clash.

Under the windowsill and mantlepieces

There's nothing better than sitting back and relaxing in your living room after a long day. Adding LED lighting, particularly flex lighting, underneath your windowsill or mantlepiece can make your living room the cosiest room in the house. From cool white to warm white, you can set the tone for a relaxing or romantic night in with LED lights.

Under sofas and coffee tables

Placing LED lighting underneath your sofa or tables is a popular option, especially when creating a homely atmosphere. It can also be a great choice when welcoming guests over, creating a memorable, classic setting.

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Which LED lighting is best for my living room?

There are different variations of LED lights available for the living room, including:

  • LED modules: LED modules come in a range of sizes. Macro and small modules fit into the nooks and crannies of your living room, perfect for decoration. Standard and large modules are normally used in signs, so if you've got some decorative pieces and signs you wish to hang up, LED modules can help them shine, and they are available in different colours too.

  • LED flex lighting: as previously mentioned, flex lighting is perfect for locations such as under the sofa and behind the TV. The clue is in the name; these lights are incredibly flexible and can be cut and shaped to fit your needs. It's easy to maintain, and is much more sustainable than filament bulb options.

  • LED strip lighting: strip lighting is the easiest variation to install, as it has an adhesive backing that can stick effortlessly to a clean surface. It looks good on your ceiling or around door frames, and can come with a remote to control effects such as colour changers and dimmers.

Benefits of LED lighting for the living room

LED lights are one of the more sustainable light sources out there, perfect for use in the home. As energy prices soar, LED lights can actually help you reduce your bills. Experts estimate that switching to LED bulbs in your ceiling lights and in each floor and table lamp can save you around £281 in electricity bills. LED light bulbs also convert 95% of their energy into light and only 5% into heat, making them safer and more environmentally friendly.

LED lights are also a more flexible option when compared to traditional bulbs, and can be shaped to fit your preferences exactly. They are also more durable and won't break as easily, with low maintenance properties to give you peace of mind as they illuminate your living room.

LED lights come with a range of effects, such as dimmers, RGB colour changers and flashers. You can even choose Wi-Fi options to control your lights from your phone. If you're interested in effects to help your living room LED lights stand out, please visit us on our website here.

Things to consider before choosing your LED lights

LED lighting is one of the better options for your living room, but there are still different factors to consider. Before you buy your new LED lights, try to keep in mind these different factors:


Colour changing effects are perfect for anyone who frequently entertains and throws parties, but they aren't for everyone. If you wish to use your LED lights for day to day relaxation, consider a softer colour temperature such as warm white. You can still choose a colour changing option in the event of a party.


Where you place your new LED lights could affect a number of elements, such as their durability. For instance, if you have pets, placing your LED lights under the sofa or low to the ground could be a hindrance. Also, if you're thinking of placing your lights near windows, be sure to look towards the water-resistant options.

Size and length

Although strip and flex lighting can be cut to size, it's always best to have a rough idea of how much you need before you buy. This way, you can save yourself time, allowing you to install your new lights with no fuss.


Effects can be great, but only for the right situation. If you're trying to wind down after a long day, you don't want flashing effects ruining your mood. You don't have to eradicate effects altogether, however; you can simply opt for a remote control to turn the effects on and off as you wish.

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