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LED lighting for bedrooms

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LED lighting is quickly becoming a popular option in the home, utilised in around 14% of lighting appliances in domestic properties. This is a great shift forward to a more sustainable way of living, but it can be hard to determine the best LED light fixtures for each room. Your bedroom could be a great place to install LED lights, no matter whether they're used as your main light or as smaller reading lights to set the tone.

In this guide, we will explore which LED lighting options work well in the bedroom, as well as the numerous benefits that they can bring. Also, we will explain what you should consider before opting for LED lights, and answer the most asked questions concerning LEDs.

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What LED lighting options work well in the bedroom?

LED lights are a great option for the home, and there are different variations that work better depending on their placement. Not only can they work as your main light fixture, but they can provide handy task lighting for your bedside tables and dressing table too. The different LED options that can work well include:

  • LED flex lighting: as one of the more versatile LED products on the market, LED neon flex lighting can be bent and shaped to fit into any location in your bedroom. It can even be cut to size to suit your proportions. Like most LED lights, they can come in a range of different colours. As well as serving a practical purpose, they're also a great decorative piece. LED flex lighting looks great when placed behind the headboard, under the bed and under the windowsill to present a modern, premium look.

  • LED modules: LED lights are much more energy efficient and durable than more traditional filament bulbs, with around 50,000 hours of light to emit. That's why they're becoming increasingly popular in homes. LED modules are primarily used in spotlights and panel lights in your ceiling, making them a popular choice for main lights. LED modules could also be placed into walk-in wardrobes to help with visibility, and come in warm and cool white options to help you set the tone.

  • LED strip lights: this option is more customisable and is often used as a decorative piece to create ambient lighting. They use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and are perfect for placing around the perimeter of your ceiling and wall. LED strip lights could also be placed around mirrors to assist you when getting ready for the day.

All variations of LED lighting at We Love LEDs comes with an optional remote to control dimmers, flashers and colour changing effects. To view our full collection to find the best fit for your bedroom, please visit us here.

The benefits of LED lights in the bedroom

There are plenty of benefits that make installing LED lights in your bedroom a great choice. As previously mentioned, they're much more energy-efficient than an incandescent light bulb, making them more sustainable and safer as they produce less heat. This makes LED lights the perfect option for anyone who needs soft bedroom lighting to get to sleep at night, as they can be left on throughout the night.

The bedroom is one of the better rooms in your home for mood lighting, as you need a relaxing space to wind down before sleeping. With dimmer effects added, LED bedroom lights can be controlled with a remote, producing warm white tones to create a calmer atmosphere. They're also a more flexible option when compared to a table or floor lamp, as they can be moved and shaped to fit your room and provide you with as much light as you need.

LED lighting is also more durable than other bedroom lighting options, and can easily be taken down and put back up if you redecorate or move. They're easy to maintain, and often only need to be dusted down to keep them pristine, especially in the bedroom where damage is less likely to occur. You can read our full guide on maintaining your lights here.

You can also opt for a colour changing LED light set if they are being placed in a child's or teenager's bedroom, adding a fun and unique setting to their personal space.

Things to consider before installing LED lights in your bedroom

Before opting for your new bedroom LED lights, there are a few important factors that you need to consider.


Think carefully about where you would like your new LED lights to be placed in your room. Some lights are better suited to certain locations; for example, LED strip lights probably won't be appropriate as your main source of light, but would look great for decoration around your wardrobe or door frame. Also, be careful when considering placing lights around your windows. If you tend to have them open frequently, dirt and rain could cause damage. Instead, look towards water-resistant options.


If you're looking to set a calming, neutral atmosphere, warm white and a softer colour temperature could be just the perfect option. Bright colours such as pinks and oranges may be a great choice if that's your preferences, but they may not be the best when trying to sleep.

Size and length

The beauty of LED flex lighting and LED strip lighting is that they can be cut and shaped to fit your bedroom. However, it is best to get a rough idea of how much you will need before ordering to save yourself some time, and allow for the manufacturer to tailor your lights to suit your preferences.


Remote-controlled effects such as dimmers and colour changers are highly recommended for the bedroom, as they can provide a comfortable atmosphere. They can also give your bedroom a modern update, and help you relax before you sleep.

Common queries

How do I hang LED lights in the bedroom?

Depending on the LED lights you have chosen, how they are placed can differ. Strip lights are usually adhesive and can stick easily to a clean surface, and flex lighting comes with mounting clips and sealant for easy installation. Our LED modules come with VHB tape to help you along. If you need assistance, contact a professional.

Are LED lights safe in the bedroom?

LED lights are incredibly safe as they don't produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs. However, when trying to sleep, having dimmer lights can be the better choice.

Do LED lights attract bugs?

A major concern amongst homeowners is whether LED lights attract spiders and other bugs, but this isn't the case. LED lights produce little to no UV light, which makes them a less attractive option to bugs. This way, you can get a good night's sleep in the summer and your bedroom won't be infested.

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