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LED lighting for bathrooms

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LED lighting is becoming an increasingly popular way to light your home. It is an innovative solution at the forefront of lighting technology.

Traditional bulbs rely on heating a wire filament to emit light. Often, this means there can be a warm-up period after switching your light on. LED lights switch on and off immediately, and are more energy-efficient. LED lights also have a much longer life span than traditional light bulbs, meaning you will not have to replace them any time soon.

An LED light can be much smaller than a traditional bulb. This gives them a broader range of applications and means they are perfect for the bathroom. LED bathroom lights can be used on the ceiling, mirrors, as spotlights and for purely decorative ambient lighting.

Think of this as your comprehensive guide to LED bathroom lights. We will look at how to pick the right products for your desired aesthetic, from which colour temperatures will suit your needs to safety considerations when installing them in your bathroom.

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Best types of LED lighting for bathrooms

An LED light fitting can come in many different sizes. This versatility allows them to be used for an almost limitless number of applications, especially in the bathroom.

Bathroom LED strip lights are an increasingly common sight in contemporary homes. The flexible run of tape can be used to border areas and bend around corners. Bathroom LED strip lights are easy to install as the tape is generally adhesive and can be cut to the desired length. You can use them for purely decorative lighting to create ambience and set the right mood, as well as brighten up dark or shadowy spaces.

Flex lighting is becoming a decorative staple as it can be manipulated into shapes or words. Often used to form inspiring words or phrases for signs, flex lighting is easy to personalise as it is highly flexible. Like strip lighting, it can be cut to different lengths to suit your space perfectly. The neon aesthetic can add a splash of colour into your bathroom and create a design feature that is photo ready.

LED modules come in a wide variety of sizes, making them ideal for your bathroom mirror or as spotlights. They can emit bright light from smaller bulbs and can be put into existing light fixtures. They're also great for lining mirrors or cupboards. Their compact design gives you more control over the lighting design of your bathroom as they can feature in a variety of uses.

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Things to consider before choosing LED lighting

The first thing to look at before you purchase LED lighting is where you want your lights to go. You may want a different fitting depending on if you want a ceiling light, wall light, mirror light or downlights. Check whether you have a nearby power supply or if you need to look for LED lighting that is battery powered. LED lighting in the bathroom will, more than likely, be exposed to water, so this will limit your search to water resistant options only.

If you want to install LED strip lights, measure your space so that you know the required length. It might be worth ordering a little extra for added peace of mind. When fitting into an existing fixture, check the size requirements to be sure what you are ordering will comfortably fill the space.

Another important consideration is the colour of the bathroom lighting you want. In terms of white lighting, a warm white colour temperature is more relaxing. This could be used to create the perfect restful atmosphere for a bath. A cool white is brighter and more ideal for styling if you use your bathroom to get ready for the day. You might want a wider range of colours for decorative bathroom lighting, so check if the product you are ordering offers a simple range of whites or comes in RGB colours as well.

LED lighting offers a wider range of effects than traditional alternatives. You can even find bathroom lighting that you can change the colour of with the help of a handy remote control. There are also dimmable LED bulbs if you want to be able to control the ambience in your bathroom for different uses.

Benefits of LED lighting in bathrooms

LED lighting is safer than traditional lighting. It has a lower voltage operation and does not rely on heat to produce light. Whereas alternative bulbs produce excessive amounts of heat and UV emissions, this is not true of LED bulbs.

LED lighting is perfect for the bathroom as it can be water-resistant. The best way to check is by looking at the IP rating which tells you how it will hold up against any water it is exposed to.

LED lights also last longer, meaning you will not need to replace your light fittings as often as with other lighting technologies. The average life span of LED lighting is approximately 50,000 hours and it is easy to maintain and clean.

The flexibility of LED strips and flex lighting means it can go virtually anywhere in your bathroom. This gives you a greater range of options to light your bathroom, as well as offers covetable features like dimming options.

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How do I install LED lights into my bathroom?

Whilst LED lights are safer than alternative solutions, it is advisable to follow the same precautions you would use to install standard bulbs. This minimises the risk of damaging the light or causing harm to the person carrying out the installation. Check your lights for any damage before you start installing them. Flex lights can be made into signs easily with acrylic backing, superglue and primer. Strip lights are the easiest to install as most have a sturdy adhesive backing that simply attaches to the surface.

Are LED lights safe in bathrooms?

LED lights are safer than alternative lighting methods. They operate at a lower voltage and the LED beam does not emit heat. If you are placing them where they might be splashed by water, ensure they are appropriately designed to be water resistant.

Are LED lights waterproof?

Not all LED lights are water-resistant, but most have the option. Always check their IP rating and remember that they are water-resistant, not waterproof. While they can handle moisture, they should not be submerged fully.

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