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A guide to LED dots

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As we take steps to become a more environmentally friendly society, we're all looking for ways to create a greener home or business without compromising on brightness or efficiency. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the perfect switch and are available in a range of shapes, sizes and specifications, meaning there is bound to be an LED device for you.

Around 80% of the energy emitted from compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) is heat, which increases to 90% with incandescent bulbs. LEDs, on the other hand, emit an incredibly low amount of heat and waste far less energy, helping the environment and your bank balance. If that wasn’t enough, LEDs tend to last longer than other bulb types and are bright almost instantly—no waiting around for them to reach full brightness.

LED dots are one example of the innovation of LED technology. These individual LEDs are beloved by lighting designers, interior designers and homeowners alike for their quality and versatility. This guide covers LED dots in more detail, including their benefits and typical uses. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section:

What are LED dots?

LED dots are a type of LED module. They are small, individual LED bulbs that can be added as a decorative lighting display to almost any surface. Here at WeLoveLEDs, our LED dots come in two sizes—9mm and 12mm—and a variety of colour options. These small dot lights can be installed easily on surfaces with a maximum thickness of 1.5-3mm by simply drilling a hole and pushing them through from the back.

Benefits of LED dots

Low voltage

Our LED dots have very low voltages of 5v and 12v, making them a safe lighting option with a low chance of serious electric shock. Low voltage lights use transformer units instead of main power supplies, meaning they can be used in more versatile locations and applications such as caravans and other vehicles. If you are looking to install anything from a few spotlights to a stunning light display, LED dots such as the DOT9 in 5v are the safest and most effective option.

Safe for use outdoors

Another benefit of LED dots is that they are safe for use outdoors. All of our LED dots are completely encapsulated for outdoor use and are IP66 rated, meaning they are splash and water-resistant. They are the perfect all-weather, year-round lighting solution.

Long life

A combination of smart LED technology and low wattage means that these dots have a far longer life than other types of lighting. LED dots from WeLoveLEDs boast lengthy lifespans of up to 30,000 hours. This is ideal as they are often used within surfaces, so avoids the hassle and expense of removing and replacing bulbs in tricky locations.

Range of colours

LED light dots are available in a range of colours as standard to suit a variety of different styles and applications. Our range includes pure and cool white, red, yellow, green and blue. As each bulb is small, you can mix it up with a number of different coloured dots, or go for the DOT12 RGB which gives you full control over the full spectrum of colour when using a suitable RGB controller.

Creates a spot effect

Designed to be pushed through the back of surfaces, our LED dots have beam angles of just 90° to achieve a ‘spot’ effect that looks excellent as part of a larger display.

Typical uses of LED dots

LED dots are extremely versatile and can add a bright touch to any surface, inside or outdoors. They are incredibly popular when used as a decorative lighting feature in kitchens, either along the front of the cabinets at floor level or above worktops. Because of their high IP ratings and suitability for external use, LED dots are also ideal for outdoor signs and lighting features, and even caravans and motorhomes.

LED dots are not just for use in the home, but can add a real ‘wow’ factor to any business premises as well. They would provide a touch of fun to a hospitality business like a bar or restaurant, but could also be used creatively to signpost till registers and checkouts in retail premises. With adaptable and versatile LED dots, you can create something totally unique.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I make the switch to LEDs?

There are many advantages to making the switch from traditional lighting to LED bulbs. LEDs are far more energy-efficient and produce less heat than other types of bulbs, making them better for the environment and cheaper to operate. Plus, they are bright from the moment you switch them on, so you can wave goodbye to waiting around for energy-saving bulbs to light up. They are also low wattage, giving them a far longer lifespan, saving you the time and cost of regular bulb replacements.

What are the different LED dot colour options available?

LED dots are available in a variety of colours, enabling you to choose a style that will perfectly complement the space you are working with. Choose the traditional pure white for a bright, classic finish, or mix it up by adding in some of our statement colour bulbs, including red, yellow, green and blue.

What are the different types of LED lighting?

Although LED dots are a fantastic light source, there are other types of LED technology that work better for larger-scale installations or when you don't want a spot effect. Neon lights are a huge interior design trend at the moment, but they are also expensive. You can actually create the look for less with LED Neon Flex lights. For something that allows you to shape and bend your lights into your preferred style, try LED strips. There are many types of LED lights available, so be sure to research the options to find the right one for your space.