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A guide to LED dot colour options

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When it comes to lighting, there is no technology more versatile than the light emitting diode (LED). LED dots—small, individual LED bulbs—produce a uniquely creative effect when pushed through a suitable surface. Different to LED strips, dots can be placed at varying points on a material to create your own desired spotted effect. The products in our range have 50 dots per string and a 90° beam angle for creating a distinct ‘spot’ effect.

With diverse positioning possibilities and an array of colour options, LED dots are the perfect feature for any lighting display or decoration. The colour of your lighting can greatly influence mood and atmosphere, and LED dots provide almost limitless opportunities. This guide will show you the amazing colour options available from WeLoveLEDs' high-quality range of LED dots, along with their key features, effects and potential uses to help you create your own perfect lighting.

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White LED dots

White LED dots are a true staple of LED lighting since their list of potential applications is so extensive. Our DOT9 LEDs are available in pure white with a 6500k colour temperature, and the DOT12 comes in cool white with a 9000k colour temperature.

Both the DOT9 and DOT12 are low voltage 5v or 12v products with IP66 ratings suitable for outdoor use. These white lights can be applied to almost any surface or setting, whether it be a spectacular display in the garden or adding simple lighting to a motorhome. With a 90° beam angle, the dotted effect is clear and prominent, widening the avenues of opportunity when trying to create a unique and visually pleasing style.

The pure and cool white illumination created by these dot lights adds a touch of elegance to the surroundings and is perfect for a wedding ceremony or garden party.

Single-colour LED dots

Single-colour LED dots are the best way to bring vibrant colour and flair to your lighting project. Unlike RGB, single-colour lights only emit one static hue.

As well as pure white, our DOT9 LED Dot is also available in red, blue, green and yellow. These colours open up the opportunities for variations on mood and aesthetics, making your design and style options endless. The DOT9 has a low voltage of 5v and can be pushed through surfaces with a thickness of maximum 3mm.

Blue is known for eliciting feelings of serenity and calmness, so this lighting could work perfectly in the setting of a bedroom or reading room. Green colours reflect nature and growth, so perhaps this can be a powerful lighting choice for a conservatory or garden display.

The DOT12 LED Dot in 5v is available in red. This versatile colour can evoke emotions of passion and love, so is perfect for decorative lighting features on a dinner date at home or in hospitality settings on Valentine’s Day and other special events. Red can also represent danger or anger, so certain warning signs or even artistic displays may benefit from this.

RGB LED dots

If a wide variety of colours is what you want, then the DOT12RGB LED Dot is the prime choice for bringing style and creativity to any lighting project. These lights have 50 dots per string, are available in 5v or 12v and are completely encapsulated for outdoor use.

The real magic of the DOT12RGB dot lies in its ability to change colour and lighting style at your wish. By altering the brightness levels of the red, blue and green chips in these lights, you can access to over 16 million different hues and make a real statement.

To use these lights, you will need an RGB controller. This controller offers 22 different programmes as well as 20 static colour options, meaning your lights are as adaptive as can be. Switch the colour of your room lights depending on your mood, or have the lights dancing on a dynamic program with multiple colours when you throw a party or entertain guests. This is the peak of lighting control at your fingertips.

Frequently asked questions

Which colour temperature is right for different rooms in the home?

For bedrooms and guest rooms, softer colours such as warm white or yellow can elicit a cosy feeling that helps you relax and destress. For areas such as the kitchen, you may wish to opt for cooler colours such as cool white or blue singular-colour LED dots. Place these around the worktop to increase alertness and attention.

What is the best LED dot light colour for around the office?

For an office area, it’s best to go for lights with a cooler colour temperature such as pure white or blue single-colour LED dots. These are crisper shades than warm white and yellow, and promote alertness and productivity. Place these around your desk to keep you focused, whilst also creating a sophisticated and professional atmosphere within your office.

What is the best LED dot light colour for front desks and reception areas?

For front desk and reception areas, the desired mood can always change. Therefore, it may be best to have a string of DOT12RGB LED Dots and an RGB controller on hand. Set the lights to warmer colours like yellow to create a welcoming warmth, or use cooler colours like white to show elegance and encourage alertness.

If you have any questions or need some advice about choosing the right kind of LED lighting for your next light project, contact a member of the WeLoveLEDs team today.